Run with your heart


So Sunday,  I ran my first half marathon in Central Park!

It is exhilarating to do something you never imagined yourself even capable of doing.   But what's even more amazing to me is how much I relied on the girls running the race with me.  Running the last 4 miles I knew that if my fellow runner, Lauralea, wasn't right there with me I would have undoubtedly stopped running.  And she expressed to me after the race that she wouldn't have made it through the last stretch without me there.

At mile nine, it came down to forgetting about my legs, and remembering the people who inspire me.  I thought about Lauralea still running next to me.   I thought about my family waiting at the finish.  I thought about my younger brother facing his own challenges in college.  I thought about my close friends who have overcome so much so early in life.   The people in my life, near and far, kept me running.

Run with your heart towards your goals.  Be inspired by those around you.  If something is difficult, seemingly near impossible...don't do it alone.  We thrive in community and we can test our limits with a support net around us.  And no matter what, don't stop.  Just keep running.

What goals have you set that seem impossible?  Find someone to encourage you, inspire you and run along side you.  You'll get there; I promise.