Day Six, December Six


Day Six–December Six #25DaysofChristmas #SweetSweatCountdown

Activity du jour: St. Nicholas Day Run in Central Park!!

December 6th was always exciting in my home growing up. We always put out our shoes before bed on December 5th.  Then woke up the next morning to find candy and a new Christmas Tree ornament in our shoe by the fireplace.

Though no candy or ornaments in my sneakers this morning, I decided to lace up and meet my race buddy, Elena, in Columbus Circle for a little Santa run in the park.  It was a quick and sunny three miles through the park, chatting about our plans for Race Day on Saturday.

Then heading home, I had the BEST New York City moment ever!! I decided I would run along Central Park South, where tons of vendors and horse drawn carriages line the street and sidewalks.  As I was running, literally every vendor along the street was shouting (in a cheerful and totally not creepy way): "Good morning Santa!"  "Hello Santa!" "Merry Christmas!" "I love you, Santa!"...and right as I was passing a large group of them, I ran through a flock of pigeons that all flew up into the air around me.  Everyone was smiling, and laughing and enjoying the moment.    It was straight out of a movie:)

Isn't New York just amazing during the holidays?!

xoxo, Jenna