How to Create a Vision for Your Life



My friend Micky is one of those people that always has something inspiring to say, and is always pushing me (without realizing!) to step into the life I really want to be living.  I wanted you to get some of her awesome advice!

I asked Micky to joined me in Union Square to talk about what it looks to like to create a powerful vision for your life.  Creating a vision for your life comes down to getting clear about what it is you want in life.   In this video, she walks you through an exercise she learned at lululemon that will help you get super crystal clear about what you want in your life.  I created a visual worksheet to help you walk through the exercise.


i want






Deepest gratitude to Micky for being willing to share this with you! I hope it helps you to take action.  And also thanks for Micky for being a positive influence on me and all those she meets every day!

Check out the vid, leave a comment, and take action today towards the life you want to live!