How to Set Audacious Goals



Sometimes when we are setting goals, it is really easy to go for something we absolutely, 100% know we can achieve.  We LIKE being successful, and we like being able to check things off our list.

Lauralea joined me (on the top of a  skyscraper) in the Flatiron District to show you how being audacious will change your life.




This year, Lauralea set a goal of registering 250 voters before the election. She became a volunteer deputy voter registrar in Houston and went to events and created her own run event called "Run for President 2012."

She didn't meet her goal, but ended up registering voters in TX, NY, NJ, and Pennsylvania. She ended up getting different amazing experiences than what she had originally planned, and met some great people along the way!

(UPDATE: Lauralea has decided to re-tackle the goal again for the 2014 elections!)







When I think back to all the goals I have set for myself, the ones that really impacted my life were the ones I wasn't sure I could actually accomplish.  In fact, they terrified me and I was almost certain it would be near impossible to accomplish.  I had the goal of becoming Miss Pennsylvania and then Miss America.  I wasn't sure I would ever make that a reality.  I never did become Miss Pennsylvania, but I came close and the experience changed my life forever.

Now I have Miss Pennsylvania and Miss America on my resume of failures... which is pretty awesome if you ask me. :)




What goals do you have set for yourself? Are they big enough?  Scary enough?

Leave a comment below, especially if you need some help getting your goal from "do-able" to "audacious" !


Get after those goals,


PS~ Did someone say bloopers on a skyscraper?!  Make sure to watch to the end of the video!