My Bigger Problem

bigger problem


I have a really big problem.

Good news is, I'm choosing to have a big problem because I'm tired of all the little problems in my life!  Last week, I met a funny woman named Cathy.  She said if I want all my problems to go away, to pick a bigger world problem and focus on making that right.  That will make all your other problems go away.

So that's what I've done.  I've created a huge problem that inspires me to create an amazing possibility for the world.  I see so many women shrinking back when it comes to their dreams.  The problem is that I see an entire world of women believing their dreams are not possible and doing absolutely nothing to change that.

If only you knew how extraordinary you are! If only you knew the amazing potential you have within you. I see this amazing possibility of a world where women of all ages attack their dreams with unreasonable devotion.  Can you imagine such a place? Imagine the creations, the hopes, the artwork, the beauty, the families, the music, the inventions, the pure happiness.

I want to live in that world!!

Check out my video to learn more about what I'm up to as I begin living and breathing this possibility for the world.  And tell me, what bigger problem do you want to see changed in the world?  You have so much to offer and I fully believe you can change the world for good.

I'm off to finish my packing for East Hampton! Enjoy your day free of tiny problems.

All my joy,