Choose Happiness

choose Daily routines are something we don't think much of, but when you really get down to it---they make all the difference.  Hating your schedule, hating your commute, hating the traffic, hating the line at your slower than necessary Starbucks.  All these little things add up to one big thing: your life.

What if I said you chose all of that?  The line, the commute, the schedule, the traffic.  You chose it.

Before you go getting mad at little 'ole Jenna, think about it with me.  If you are doing nothing to change it, you are choosing it.  You are accepting it.  You are agreeing with it.

The moment you decide it is not what you want, and you take action to change it, you will be one step closer to your ideal life.  A life you really love.  It is the same with the good in your life.  All the good, beautiful, lovely things in your life--you chose.  You desired them and brought them into your life.  You continue to keep them in your life until you choose something else.

I just made a HUGE change in my daily routine, which has already made all the difference in my daily happiness, peace, and pure joy.  Want to choose all that good stuff too?

Check out this week's video to get the full scoop. 

Choose happiness.  Choose to live in peace.  Choose to live a life you really love and really enjoy being a part of every day.  That could be the best choice you ever make.

Take action today by leaving a comment with one thing you desire to change. Then go and change it!! Your small (or big!) action will inspire change in others.

All my joy,




photo credit: Amy Coady