“But then I wonder: doesn’t anything worthwhile involve risk?”

It’s been a summer of yes.  My friends and I have been hashtagging it and declaring it all summer.    This week, I sat in a favorite Hampton’s spot pondering all the adventure of this summer that has come from our simple statement.  The risks, adventures, new friendships and relationships of the summer.  A lifetime of magic condensed into 3 short months and I let the memories flood my mind.

I thought about what it meant to have a summer of yes.  Saying yes is all about taking risks.  Diving in when there is a moment of hesitation and uncertainty.  Not being sure, maybe not feeling ready.  Just jumping.

It’s been a summer of opening and declaring new possibilities.  Opening hearts, moving to new towns, challenging old relationships to make space for new ones.  Chasing scary goals and allowing yourself to dream audacious dreams.

It’s been a summer of magic.  Beautiful, unexpected magic.  The magical moments in life happen when you’re fully open and fully present.  They happen when you shift from a fearful perspective to love.  That’s where the miracles lie.  Being open to your dreams, your wishes and your goals becoming your daily reality---and realizing that they may not look like what you expected and planned. Good. That’s even more of a clue they’re meant for you.

As life transitions this fall, realize you have a choice every day in how magical, how adventurous, how incredible your life can be.  Do not settle.  Do not close off.  Choose to live in infinite possibility.  Choose to be curious.  Choose to say yes more often than no.  Choose to say yes when it scares you. Choose to say yes when you’re not quite sure how it will turn out.  Choose to continue to live in the limitless blue skies of summer.

Be passionately curious.  About life.  About love. About your possibilities and your potential.  Be curious about anything that makes you slightly nervous...or excited.  What would you explore if you couldn’t fail.  What if you didn’t know any better? If nothing could go wrong, what would you attempt?

Just say yes...and dive into your next adventure.  Trust you are here in this moment for beautiful reason.  Be present.  Be positive. Be open.

Say yes.