Love Notes


Hey Girls-- I’ve been trying to find a way to reach you, because I have a lot of things I want to tell you.

I’ve been realizing, over the course of my twenties, that we are all meant to do something extraordinary in our lifetime.  YOU are meant to do something extraordinary.  Do you know that? I have this feeling that it’s a secret and nobody clued you in.  I’m gonna clue you in.

This summer, I did a lot of reading and dreaming and enjoying the sweetness.  I would leave myself little notes around my house with phrases that inspired me, or quotes I wanted to remember.  They would catch my eye at funny moments.  Perfect moments.  And the little burst of positivity would alter my attitude and outlook on the day.  These were some of my original love notes to myself:



(lots of love on this one)

Since I can’t sprinkle your house with love notes, I can sprinkle your news feed in hopes that a note catches your eye and changes your day.  If I can change your day for the better, pretty soon we’ll all be changing the world for the better.  And that’s what I hope to see.

You can find love notes on Facebook or Instagram.

So, dear girl, keep your eyes peeled for little love notes to encourage you in the pursuit of your beautiful dreams.  Love notes to fan the flame of creative inspiration.  Love notes to help you dwell in possibility.  And love notes to help you realize how incredible you are.