Do you believe in magic?

I totally do.

Whenever I’m thinking about something over and over, it usually appears in my life in some shape or form.  It could be the Law of Attraction, but I think it has more to do with the Law of Concentration.  This means that whatever you dwell upon grows and expands in your life.

So what are you thinking about?  Where do you tend to focus most of your brain power?

If you are continually thinking about your goals and thinking about what it is you want in your life, your behavior and conversations will be effected by that.  You will become more determined to achieve it.  You will start walking the walk, and talking the talk--without realizing it.

But with all things magical, there is a catch! A poison apple.



This poison apple comes in the shape of the things you worry about.  The things you don’t want.  The negatives.  Worry is just negative goal setting.  So the more you think about the things you don't want, the more they begin to effect your behavior.  Soon you will begin experiencing more of what you don’t want.  And that's exactly what the wicked witch wants.


So here's how to make the magic happen:

Make sure that you are very clear and honest with yourself about what it is you truly, deeply want.  Write down exactly what that is. Then, concentrate wholeheartedly on your goals and the best version of yourself.  Concentrate on your positive qualities and talents, and the person you hope to become. Think of your goals every day. Write them down and place them where you see them frequently.

Leave a comment and share your goals! As you share your goals with other people, you begin to set them into motion. 

In love,