We've got it good.

joyI may be an endless summer kind of girl, but the holidays are definitely my favorite time of year.  I love, love, love seeing people recognizing and acknowledging how awesome their lives actually are.  Legit joy, happiness and peace.  And nobody apologizes about it!   Happy facebook posts, pictures of the beautiful things we appreciate, family time, lots of hugging, warm and fuzzies all over the place.  It’s like we all finally start to remember we’re human and we need each other.  We finally start to realize that people need us and that our contribution does make a difference.  We’ve got it good and we’re grateful.

I’m pretty sure this is actually what life is supposed to be like all the time.  We’re supposed to help each other, love each other, make meaningful contributions.  We’re designed and destine to recognize the good that we’ve got.  We’re allowed and supposed to dwell in bliss, joy, and peace.  We’re supposed to give away what we’ve got... because what’s the point in keeping it?

What if we collectively decided to make it a practice to live in thanks-giving? What if we took the time daily to recognize how amazing our lives actually are, and all the good we get to experience every day?

Yeah... let’s hug each other more.

If we really took the time to do this, what would it actually look like? We’d probably slow down a little bit.  We’d probably see more sunsets. (Maybe a few sunrises)  We’d probably linger a little longer with friends.  We’d be more expressive and share our love with the people we actually love.  We’d probably feel a lot more sane.  Ladies...we’d probably feel so much prettier, and much less stressed.

We’ve got it good.  Regardless of the crap we’re dealing with, we’ve got it really good.  And when we take as much time, if not more, to think about the good stuff as we do about the crappy stuff...well we’ll start to see more of the good stuff.  Whatever you dwell on, you get more of that in your life.

Be grateful for what you have--the beautiful things, the people in your life-- not just now, not just during the holidays.  Daily.  365 days a year.

Yeah. I love you! Now and every day.  Happiest Thanksgiving and endless joy to you and your loved ones.