Day Thirteen, December Thirteen

Day Thirteen–December Thirteen #25DaysofChristmas #SweetSweatCountdown

Activity du jour: Yoga in the neighborhood and rest:)

Since we basically ran a half marathon yesterday (over 12 miles!), my body was both tight and tired.  I practically fell out of bed this morning. Remember that scene in The Little Mermaid when Ariel first gets her legs and doesn’t know how to walk and falls all over Prince Eric? Yes this one:

Well basically that was me this morning…except there was no Prince Eric to catch me…  Just my hard wood floor.  I took that as I message from my body to chill out, stretch it out, and maybe just have a little fun in the neighborhood.

So obviously that meant walking down the street with my camera and yoga clothes, searching for an unsuspecting person to take my picture doing yoga in a ridiculous place.

I came upon Flowers by Giorgie, a few blocks down my street and having fallen in love a thousand times over with the smell of Giorgie’s Christmas Trees lining the streets. I was told by the man himself that he was too busy to take pictures for me, but that he’d love for me to use his Christmas trees.  So naturally I ran across the street to see Chris, who runs the food stand on the corner.  He was more than eager to help out.  So let me paint the picture:

Chris (who runs the food cart) left his food cart unattended… Came across the street to help me…. do yoga… in front of Christmas Trees…on a sidewalk…in New York City.

Here’s the commotion we made:

(Tree pose…by the Christmas trees…. get it?)


I had so much fun…and what a beautiful day! If you love yoga in your favorite studio…get outside and do yoga!! One of my most absolute favorite things in NYC in the summer is Bryant Park Yoga. It is out of this world. Hundreds…I’m talking 600 people, outside on the lawn, practicing yoga.  Get outside, already!!

Anyway, I always joke with my roommates about how much of a commotion I make in this neighborhood.  It is a tiny, cute, adorable Queens neighborhood… and I’m convinced I’m the only blonde girl living here.  I’ve made up a fictitious newspaper called, “The Sunnyside Times” and I will come home and say, “Welp… I was on the cover of the Sunnyside Times again today…” and proceed with a ridiculous story about something I did that day in Sunnyside.

Today… I made the cover of the Sunnyside Times, yet again:)

xoxo, Jenna

PS~ This is Chris! The man who works the food cart down the street from me.  We have quite the history.  He helped me when I tripped running this fall, smashed my knee into a protruding brick and was gushing blood.  He also cheered for me when he saw me walking down the street in my race clothes and number last week.  And now he took pictures of me doing yoga on the sidewalk. Thanks Chris!