Day Fifteen, December Fifteen

Day Fifteen–December Fifteen #25DaysofChristmas #SweetSweatCountdown

Activity du jour: SoulCycle

  "Our own strength surprises us every time".   My eyes rest on those words in class, and my mind repeats them as I leave the studio.

Today I couldn't help but feel the weight of the tragedy in Connecticut on my heart, and the hearts of all who have little children they love in their lives.  In the middle of class, Eliana, our instructor, said, "You cannot control what other people do, the choices they make.  The only thing you can control is what comes out of you, how you react, and how you change yourself moving forward."  

No, I'm not a parent.  But I am an aunt...and I have many little ones in my life I adore and love with my whole heart.  It's pure evil what happened, but what good can we take away from the nightmare?   The world's eyes are on us. What can everyone learn from this great tragedy?  I think it's an opportunity to learn to simply savor those sweet moments with the ones we love... savor the sweet, and savor the ordinary.  Because in the end, the ordinary is everything...the ordinary IS extraordinary. Can you imagine a world where everyone thought this way?

It is beyond unfortunate that so much grief has come at a typically joyful time of year.  So this year, celebrate the ordinary in this season. Celebrate the little things.  Celebrate the people you love...and all the every day things that annoy you about them because if they're annoying you, that means they're there.  They're alive.  They're close to you. And that's all that really matters.

And if you're struggling with pain, and sorrow, and grief beyond measure... I hope you find peace.  And I hope your own strength surprises you every time.


Many hugs and many prayers,



I pick these little monkeys up from school every week.  They cough, burp, and sneeze (and one time almost threw up) all over me.  I get a cold every other week... but I love 'em:)