How to Keep Momentum Moving Towards your Goals.

Hey Soulful Goal-getter!

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I know you are wildly passionate and excited about all of your big, beautiful dreams. You’ve worked so freakin’ hard and have come so far!   You inspire the people around you to tackle their dreams and to live a life they love.

But what happens when the momentum slows down and you feel like you’re back pedaling? What happens when you feel like you’re not moving any more? You’re stuck in a little rut.

Don’t worry--it happens to even the most ambitious of wide-eyed, goal-setting dreamers!

I’ve come up with three easy tips to keep your momentum moving and your spirits flying high. Here we go!

How to Keep Momentum Moving towards your Goals:

 1. Breathe deeply. 

When things slow down in your fast paced, goal-driven world, tension in your brain starts to rise.  Take a few moments to sit quietly and just breathe.  Breathing in deeply for 4 counts and exhaling for 4 counts.  Do this for at least 5 minutes.  Soon, you’ll feel your central nervous system begin to chill out and your mood begin to relax--a much better state to be groovin’ in as you tackle your dreams and chase your inspiring goals!

2. Trust yourself. 

Kick back and have a little faith.  Often times we start to freak out because we think we’ve lost control over what’s happening with our goals.  Trust that you have put in an incredible amount of excellent work, and believe that you are like an arrow. You have to be pulled back and held in tension before you spring forward and hit your goal target with expert precision.  Go ahead---channel your inner Katniss! (And have you seen the new trailer?!)

Hit your goals with precision

3. Get into action. 

No matter how small, do one thing every day to bring you one step closer to your goal.  Build your own forward movement. Get the ball rolling. Make that phone call. Send that email. Create content for your site. Schedule some social media posts. Anything you can to send a message to the universe that you mean business and you’re not giving up because of a little lag time.

goal setting

So there you have it! Three simple ways to get you moving in the direction of your inspiring dreams and to target your goal with arrow-like precision. You’ve got this;)

What’d ya think? How do you keep your momentum rolling? What goals are you working on this summer? Leave me a comment below and share your pro tips with the group!


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