5 Tips to turn your Creative Inspiration into Productivity

Oh hey there sweet soul!

I'll be honest with you--this summer was a liiiittle cray -cray.  I absolutely LOVE summer, especially summers in my (new!) beautiful home in Amagansett, NY.  But I have felt a little bit...wild these days.  Wild in an amazing, inspired, awesome way. So many beautiful, shiny souls fell into my lap and I've been teach yoga ocean side all summer.  Add in my regular yoga, coaching, AND all the awesome music gigs my BF and I have been doing--it's enough to make a girl a little nuts (in a good way!).

I am so, so, sooo grateful for such extraordinary opportunities.  Here's the thing:  When I'm out doin' what I do and loving life, I am STRUCK by inspiration ---at. every. moment!

So imagine the craziest thunderstorm---

lightening inspiration!

Photo courtesy of SK-y Photography(CC Attribution)

< That was my brain on inspiration- fire all summer long! 

I have had idea, after idea, after idea. I've registered THREE new domain names for business ideas.  I'm constantly making notes in my phone and on any paper i can find.  I've written up an outline to a live workshop AND an ecourse. I've considered rebranding my whole business.  I have been in creativity, inspiration overload! Have you ever felt like this?

Well, thankfully I have found a way to harness that wild energy into something productive. Here are five simple tips to get you OUT of the inspiration thunderstorm and INTO inspired action.

5 Tips to turn your Creative Inspiration into Productivity

1.  Get it all out.

Whip out that journal and start writing. Write down all of your ideas--all of the wild inspiration that's running around in your head, reel it in! Give yourself a solid 10 minutes with no distractions to just write and let your brain dump everything onto paper.  You won't be worried about forgetting anything and your mind will feel a lot clearer and calm.

2.  Breathe Deeply.

After you've finished your inspiration brain dump, just take 3 minutes to sit quietly and breathe deeply.  As a yoga teacher, I see the AMAZING benefits of taking the time to breathe deeply every day. It calms your entire central nervous system and gives your brain a break. After that crazy storm in your head, you need it! Set a timer, and start breathin baby.

3. Revisit your journal.

Take a look at all the ideas you wrote down.  What makes you excited? Where do you find the most inspiration to get into action? Where is the adventure? What tugs at your inner intuition? What makes your heart sing a bit?  Circle the three ideas that jump out the most to you.  

4. Let go.

Grab a new piece of paper and write out those three ideas again.  Which of those three seems the most feasible to you where you are right now? I'm not saying you can't eventually do all three. As Oprah says:

So narrow your list down. Cross out the one that is going to take you a few years to build.  What is the ONE thing that you could work on today or this week, or even this month and find great success.  Your brain, your body, your spirit can only hold so much at once. If you work on one thing, instead of 2, or 3, (or 10!) you will have more time and energy and SUCCESS in getting it done. 

5. Kick it into high gear, girlfriend!

Now that you've selected your one brilliant, light beam of an idea, get going! Get into action. What can you do today to get yourself closer to accomplishing that goal? What do you need to do to see it fulfilled?  Set yourself up for success right at the beginning and make a plan for how you will get it done. 

What is your #1 priority that you selected? Tell me in the comments! I would love to track your progress. You have a creative, passionate and beautiful soul.  I am excited to see what you create and how that will influence the world around you! I'm so excited for you!

So much love & well wishes,


PS- Here's a mini-vaca to my sweet, soulful town one day after a REAL thunderstorm! Enjoy!;)

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