Share & Declare

sharing your goals
sharing your goals

Ok so I toootally get it.  It can be SO scary to share your goals with people.  You are sharing something so YOU.  You risk being judged, criticized, or told "it's not possible".   It is such a scary thing to put yourself out there!

And that is exactly why you should do it!

Stepping out in this way builds awesome amounts of self confidence. You stand a little taller AND you learn to articulate what it is you want {and sometimes what we want is very hard to articulate.}

When you are {finally} able to articulate clearly what it is you want, people can help you get there!

I see it over and over at workshops I've held.  The scene usually goes something like this:

A participant quietly raises their hand to share a goal.  Some what timidly, he or she shares their idea for a business {or a non profit, or a project or you name it}.  I enthusiastically nod  over and over "Yes that's so possible!"  Then another participant jumps in to tell them exactly how to do it!

Works. Every. Time.

I want to see this magic happen more often.  So I've created a Facebook group to provide you with a FREE place to share, connect, dream and grow.  I'll be in there helping out and answering any questions that pop up!

This is your chance to connect with women all over the world. This is your chance to share your wild idea (and I'll be there nodding enthusiastically that it's possible).  This is your place to learn to articulate what it is you truly want for yourself and your life.

To join the group, find me on Facebook!  Once you're in, please share your vision with everyone!

born into color
born into color

Your way begins on the other side! So step out. Take action.  Live {and share} a life you truly love!  Live in color.

Do it now!

See you on the other side!