Day Twenty, December Twenty

Day Twenty–December Twenty #25DaysofChristmas #SweetSweatCountdown

Activity du jour: Christmas Walk (It's tradition)

As many of you know, I nanny for a family on the Upper East Side.  They are such a big part of my life, and we decided to have our own "Christmas" before they left for the Holidays. I was planning on yoga to a yoga class after I was done with work...but a huge part of me couldn't rush out of their house.  They wanted to just hang out with me, and I thought that was more important than my class.  Besides, we had gotten in a long walk earlier in the day...because we went to the ZOO!

As per tradition in my house, everyone always goes for a walk on Christmas Day together...and since yesterday was "Kid Christmas", we obviously had to go for a walk...which had to be in a kid friendly place...and the most kid friendly place in New York happens to be the Central Park Zoo! We had SO much fun.   I love the zoo...but I love it even more when I get to go with kids.

It was the best "Kid Christmas" I've ever had... thus far;).

xoxo, Jenna

PS~ When we went into the tropics building, this guy stayed bundled up despite the 100 degree temps.  He looked like the kid in a Christmas Story.