Day Twenty Two, December Twenty Two


Day Twenty Two–December Twenty Two #25DaysofChristmas #SweetSweatCountdown

Activity du jour: FlyWheel Upper West Side with Jesse!

I love it when you take a class and something shifts inside you.  An "Ah-Ha" inspiration.  Jesse is one of those instructors that makes the wheels start to turn...on your bike, and in your brain.

It is also amazing to me how people step into your life at the exact moment you need them, or you need the inspiration they have to offer.  When I woke up today, I had no plans of coming to FlyWheel.  In a fun twist of events, I ended up in Jesse's class...and what he had to offer, was exactly what I needed today.

Personally, I have been waiting on a lot of things, a lot of people, a lot of circumstances, a lot within myself to get the ball rolling in several aspects of my life.  Waiting, waiting, and waiting.  I'm so tired of waiting!

Then I went to Jesse's class and this is what I heard, learned and realized today in class:

You do not need to wait for anyone or anything in order to move order to be the person you want to be, to do the things you want to do, to live the life you are meant to live.  You have the power to change yourself now and move onward.  You do not need to wait.  So don't!  Stop waiting and start doing what you're supposed to do.  Start now...don't wait any longer.

What a perfect transition out of 2012 into 2013.  I'm naming it my year of not waiting!  My year of taking risks.  My year of big change.  My year of moving forward.  I can't I won't.  I will start my new year today.

What is 2013 going to be like for you??

Whatever your year will be like, you don't have to wait until January 1st to start. Start your change now.  Start taking risks now.  Start living the life you want now.

xoxo, Jenna