Sparkling New Year


My little brother just walked down the hall and peered into my room.  What he saw was his older sister sprawled out in the middle of the floor surrounded by dozens of children's book, wearing a cowboy hat.

"What are you doing?!"

"I dunno... just reading, and trying on Nashville for size."

"Well you need real cowboy boots then, not those UGGS you have on."

I LOVE that he said that.  It wasn't: you're so weird/dumb/crazy/weirdagain/whyareyoumysister.   It was... how can you make this more real?

I took that as a sneak peek of what 2013 is going to be like for me... People immediately jumping on board with my weird ideas, and my imaginary scenarios seeming more real.  Trying out new things, just for the hell of it, and seeing what happens.  Playing.  Creating.  Laughing---- a lot.   Finding myself in unexpected places, with unexpected people, doing unexpected things.  And then probably blogging about it;)

Why am I trying on Nashville for size, you ask? Excellent question!   My big, hairy, audacious goal for 2013 is to spend my summer in another city.  I need a little break from New York and want to spend my summer some place sunny, fresh, and inspiring.   Some place where I can do a lot of writing, exploring, and just be 25 and giddy.  So far my list of potential cities includes Charleston, LA, San Diego, Nashville, Annapolis, and Paris.  I need to narrow that down more, huh?   Ok... Paris is off the list. (Sorry Paris...but someday, I know we will meet and fall desperately in love.)

So instead of resolutions, I'm trying on cities for size this January.  Please, please, PLEASE share with me your goals for 2013.  The scary ones, the fun ones, the crazy ones.  I'm obsessed with goals... and dreams... and all things sparkly.

On that note... Have a sparkling, fresh new year! and enjoy every day of it:)




PS... I'm still sprawled out on the floor, surrounded by children's books, wearing my cowboy hat.  I've just added my laptop to the mix;)