Coconut Core: Yoga Ab Workout

Today I want to celebrate my students.  I have this awesome group of ladies that have been coming to class with me consistently since about December.  I have watched them grow and gain strength like nobody's business!   I'm seeing solid chatarungas, planks, and arm balances in every class!    The best part is seeing their excitement when they're flying in crow pose for seconds longer every week.  Fear of flying conquered.

I've almost forgotten what that magic felt like! Until this morning...

I rolled outta bed and onto my mat to do my daily practice.  I just felt like playing and I felt like trying to grab at some of that magic for myself.  This time last year, I would fall flat on my face trying to do side crow and flying pigeon.  Today, I decided "Why not try again?!"

To my surprise and joy, I had no trouble flying!   I tried both poses multiple times just to make sure it wasn't a fluke... and yep, I'm a bird now!

What had changed in a year?  Strength.  Confidence.  And just a "why not now? why not me?" kind of attitude.  A connection to that wild inner power that just says "Yes I can!".

You are so wildly strong and getting stronger every day!  Sometimes to fly all we need to do is believe that we can do it!

Where else in your life are suffering from a fear of flying?  Where are you more afraid of falling on your face than excited and positive about the possibility of flying?

Let your positivity outweigh your fear! Let a sheer love of your rock star self propel you onward and upward.

Why not you?  Why not now??

To help you connect to your inner strength and power, I've created a short core workout.  My Coconut Core Yoga Ab Workout is all about getting in touch with your strength-- and that strength is SOLID like a coconut!

Do something today to make you feel strong: either mentally, physically or emotionally. Go to that bad ass kick boxing class.  Stand up for yourself at work.  Write that mermaid affirmation on a post it over your computer.

You've got this.  Don't hesitate to use your strength.