5 Steps to Make your Dreams Come Alive


5 Steps to Make your Dreams Come Alive:

1. Allow yourself to dream.

2. Get a clear picture of what you want to bring into your life.

3. Believe with your whole heart it is possible.

4. Write it down 3x a day!

5. Take inspired action daily.  {I'm super serious on this one!}

Share & Declare

sharing your goals
sharing your goals

Ok so I toootally get it.  It can be SO scary to share your goals with people.  You are sharing something so YOU.  You risk being judged, criticized, or told "it's not possible".   It is such a scary thing to put yourself out there!

And that is exactly why you should do it!

Stepping out in this way builds awesome amounts of self confidence. You stand a little taller AND you learn to articulate what it is you want {and sometimes what we want is very hard to articulate.}

When you are {finally} able to articulate clearly what it is you want, people can help you get there!

I see it over and over at workshops I've held.  The scene usually goes something like this:

A participant quietly raises their hand to share a goal.  Some what timidly, he or she shares their idea for a business {or a non profit, or a project or you name it}.  I enthusiastically nod  over and over "Yes that's so possible!"  Then another participant jumps in to tell them exactly how to do it!

Works. Every. Time.

I want to see this magic happen more often.  So I've created a Facebook group to provide you with a FREE place to share, connect, dream and grow.  I'll be in there helping out and answering any questions that pop up!

This is your chance to connect with women all over the world. This is your chance to share your wild idea (and I'll be there nodding enthusiastically that it's possible).  This is your place to learn to articulate what it is you truly want for yourself and your life.

To join the group, find me on Facebook!  Once you're in, please share your vision with everyone!

born into color
born into color

Your way begins on the other side! So step out. Take action.  Live {and share} a life you truly love!  Live in color.

Do it now!

See you on the other side!


Feelin like Cinderella

There is only a little bit more time before the clock strikes midnight and we're diving head first into a bright new year! So much magic, promise and hope lingers in the air! (Hence...why I'm feelin like 'ella.) ;)I love fresh starts and I know that 2015 will bring a number of surprises and joys into your life.  You can (and will!) create a life you love this year.   The only caveat is that you must take some time now to prep for it.

Before you raise your glass of champagne, take some quiet time with your favorite cup of tea, a journal, and the fuzziest blanket you can find.

Relax. Take a deep breath.  Begin to write. 

How was 2014? What worked? What didn't work? What heartbreaks are you still holding onto? What pains, what mistakes, what guilt are you clinging to? Who are you not forgiving? What failures are haunting you?

Acknowledge each and every one.  Get it out in the open. Get it all out.

Then let it go.  Forgive them. Forgive yourself. Declare it to the universe--boldly and clearly:

I release ______________. I let go of _____________.

Write those two phrases as often as you need to until it's all out--- until nothing lingers under the surface.

Then choose one word that describes how you want 2015 to feel. Choose one powerful, positive, juicy, delicious, feel-good word.

There is so much power in your words. Declare this intention for 2015:

In 2015, I feel _________________.

Write this wish, this intention, this declaration every and anywhere you might see it day to day.  Write it in your journal. Write it beautifully. Display it on your nightstand, your fridge, in your car, on your bathroom mirror.

Let your goals in 2015 be motivated by this declaration.  Move towards people, experiences, and activities that bring this declaration to the surface.

ENJOY this beautiful year ahead. Enjoy this sweet fresh start. 

Wishing you everything wonderful, good, and lovely in 2015!



Soul & Goals: 3 things to ask yourself before you set any goals for 2015

soul&goals 2015 is right around the corner and with it comes a flood of resolutions, good intentions and goals.  But before you sign up for that gym membership or resolve to finally quit your job, take some time to ask yourself these three questions:

How do I want to feel this year?

Our emotions, our "heart-sensor" is a very, very powerful tool for helping us to determine the right path.  There's a reason people say, "I had a gut feeling about that" and they're usually correct.  So before you dive into the new year, sit quietly and take a few deep breaths.  Listen to that quiet inner voice as you ask yourself  "How do  really want this year to feel?"  Do you need a year of peaceful healing? Or are you ready for wild & free adventure? Do you want to feel immensely nurtured or fully alive & spontaneous?  Maybe you want to feel gratitude daily? Pure bliss? You set the tone for your year ahead....but use your inner compass to guide you.

What makes me come alive and how can I do more that this year?

What do you LOVE to do? When do you feel you are utilizing your God-given gifts? What come easily to you and what is the most fun? When do you feel like your fully contributing and have a sense of purpose? It could be the tiniest moment of your day.  It could be when you genuinely connect with a stranger on the subway.  Or it could be when you're playing with your camera outside.  It could be when you're taking a walk, or when you're around people--any moment you feel a burst of life & joy within you.  How can you bring MORE of these moments [and the emotions that they conjure] into your life this year?

What fearful or limiting thoughts kept me from my dreams in 2014?

Did you tell yourself you weren't good enough for the promotion? Did you silently sabotage a relationship? Think back to your goals and your inner monologue for 2014.  More often than not, we are the ones that stop ourselves from success.  If any limiting beliefs still linger, do the work of releasing and letting them go.  As you set new goals for 2015, be aware of the thoughts that begin to stroll through your mind.  Counter them with positive mantras and affirmations.  You are worthy of all good and your dreams, visions, and goals can and will come true.  You have a beautiful soul, and beautiful gifts to share with the world. Get out there and shine!

Looking for some more help setting goals and intentions for 2015?

I'm giving away some of my best goal setting tools & techniques in The Soulful Girl's Guide to Goalsetting training video & workbook.  Grab yours by clicking on the image below!

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Yoga for Beginners: Sun Salutation A

Join me at the beautiful Yoga Lila in Montauk! In this video, I teach a basic Sun Salutation A. This sequence is designed to get your blood moving and body heated.  Do a light warm up before jumping right into this.  Please subscribe and look for my next video, Sun Salutation B!

How do you feel post-sun salutation? Leave me a comment below!

Namaste! :)





Are you ready?

Ok...it's time. Time for you to star in your soulful adventure. Time for you to dive in and just say yes. Create a plan and get going.

It's time for you to think like royalty.  As the queen bee of inspiration said herself:

Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.



Your talents, gifts and passions are deeply needed in this world.  You have the power to change the world AND live a life you love.  You have a responsibility to your talents and a responsibility to use those talents in service of this great world.

It's not time to shrink back and hide from your magnificence.  It's time to glow. Time to SHINE.

I am so excited and PUMPED to share with you my latest project-- Soulshine! A glimpse into my philosophy as a yoga teacher and a goal coach. Take a peak and then book your FREE 15 minute consultation!

Ok sweet soul--- what are you waiting for? What is holding you back from reaching deep down within yourself and shining that bright light to the world?

Let's talk about it during your consultation! Book by clicking below!

Just begin:)

There is something beautiful and magical in this spring air! Do you feel it?? To me, everyone seems to be buzzing with new ideas and beautiful dreams and big goals.  I am just SO excited to see what you create this glorious season and hope that the freshness in the air is sending you soaring. I'm in the same boat, so I am going to keep this short, sweet and simple.

Whatever you're feeling: fear, excitement, joy, anticipation, massive flushes of creativity, timidness, uncertainty (probably a mixture of all of it!)

Getting your dreams out of your head and into the world takes one, solid thing:

Just beginning. 


I'm certain you have 101 questions, and 101 more uncertainties...but the only way to find clarity in your goals, dreams, and creative desires is to simple begin.  Start before you feel ready.

You don't have to have your entire business mapped out before you begin to create it. You don't have to have a complete action plan in place. You don't have to be 100% sure where you're headed (at least not yet:)).

Start small.  Start strong.  Start with courage. And start to let the shiny sparks of your soul glow.

Maybe you just sell one scarf you made...maybe you sell 20!  Maybe you finally sign up for twitter and share things that inspire you.  Maybe you share your goal with 3 people. Just start somewhere.

Chances are...you will be left astonished.  Magic will start to happen.  Things will fall into place.  Clarity will be found.

Trust yourself.

You have such a beautiful idea and something that comes from such a heart felt place. People are craving things of the heart. So let it out and let the world see it.  When you shine bright, you call forth more light and more passion and more shining souls.

I'm so excited for you:) You're doing great.

Got a burning question you just need answered now? Leave it in the comments and I'll get it answered so you can get going!:)



Meet Dani!

dani I'm so excited to introduce to you my friend, Dani! She is such an inspiring runner and her passion for it exudes into all areas of her life.  She uses her beautiful gift and passion to truly make a difference in her own community, and that makes her presence so bright.  When are you doing what you love and letting that shape your community, it truly shines from your soul and people can't help but notice.

 Her Story:

Dani was born in Manhattan and has been chasing her dreams in NYC for the last 10 years! She is a second grade teacher at a public school on the upper west side, a Pilates instructor at Power Pilates in midtown east, an AADP certified holistic health coach/nutrition counselor, and a runner on the Central Park Track Club. As if she wasn't busy enough, she also is a Girls on the Run coach, a volunteer for Back on My Feet NYC (an organization that uses running as a tool to motivate people experiencing homelessness), and an essential community leader at lululemon athletica, 75th and Broadway.


What makes you shine? When do you glow?

Inspiring others to live a healthy, active lifestyle makes me shine. I glow when I hear stories from people who have bettered their lives exercise and eating healthy. I also glow when I make people laugh or smile. It feels so good to help other people realize their potential.

What do you LOVE to do? What is your passion?

I LOVE to run, it is my passion! There is nothing better then lacing up my sneakers and heading out for a solo run to clear my head or to meet running buddies for some miles and socializing. I love how running can be an individual and group sport at the same time. The best part about running is that it doesn't discriminate. Anyone can do it! I am also passionate about eating healthy, whole foods. Food is fuel. It is so important to put nutritious, real food into your body so it can thrive! I also love to dance because it is such a freedom of expression and it makes me feel free.

When are you the happiest?

I am happiest when I am taking care of my body by exercising, eating well, and getting enough sleep. I am also happiest when my friends and family are happy! Happiness is contagious :)

What inspires you?

My dreams inspire me! They keep me motivated and focused. My friends and family and friends also inspire me to work even harder because they are so amazing.


What is your big goal? Or one goal you would like to highlight?

I have many goals so it's hard to just pinpoint one, but for now I'd have to say that my big goal is to break 3:20 in the marathon distance (hopefully in 7 weeks at the Boston Marathon, ahh)! I have been chasing this goal for a few years and I WILL get there!

Who is your biggest influence?

My biggest influence is my mother. She is driven, hard working, intelligent, and goes after what she wants. She has always inspired me to be the best version of myself and to go after my dreams. My mom is my biggest supporter and has always been in my corner. I am so grateful and lucky to have her in my life.

leave your mark

Are YOU doing what you love? Does your soul shine?

Tell me what makes you glow in the comments!  Every week, I will be featuring a new soulshine[r] and telling their story.

Do you know someone who’s soul shines? Nominate them by leaving a comment below!












Lately I’ve been drawn to this [i believe made up] word.  A word that describes your spirit when you are living out your dream.



  What is it?   It is those moments when you are undeniably happy, glowing, and radiate light.  It’s this place in you of pure love, pure joy, and pure purpose.  When you are living in this place, you are influencing the world in a huge way.  It’s your soul awake, you're fully alive, and you can't help but smile.  It’s your life--on purpose.  It’s that thing that you are reeeally good, and that you reeeeally love too--and it makes people stop and notice that your glowing.  They can see your eyes shining.

The cool thing is that living out of your Soulshine is perfectly unique and perfectly beautiful for each person.  It’s like you’ve been given an internal fingerprint that no one else has.  When you are letting your soul shine, you give others permission to do the same thing.  You give others hope.  You show them that yes, it can be done.  This passionate life you dream of? Yes, it’s totally possible.

My dream is to see more people living from their “soulshine”.  I think the world would change drastically if more people tapped into their talents, passions, and abilities.  Problems would be solved left and right.  We’d be left with love, and light--beauty and grace--and a whole lot of happiness.

So... I really want to know more people who are living like this.  Are you one of them?  Do you know someone like this?

Tell me:

What is your soulshine?  

What makes you light up? When are you glowing?

When do you know that you are living your life on purpose?  

What is your big, beautiful dream for your life?

For realz...I want the world to know, because I want the world to begin letting it's soul shine!

I’m going to celebrate these people from the rooftops!  Here’s what’s going to happen: Once a week, I will be featuring a soulshine(r) on my Facebook Page, Blog, and blasting twitter with their good vibes and good intentions.  It's a fun way for you to share what you're up, share your big goals, and inspire the world! Win wins all around:)

Just leave a comment or shoot me an email. Tell me more about you!  I will be selected one person per week to feature, so please do me a favor and share this with others you think live letting their soul shine.

I seriously cannot wait to hear more!:)

To letting your light shine even brighter!







Four Rules to Live By

4 rules  

Let’s do a little check in!! How is your sparkling new year going?! How are those goals, those resolutions, and healthy habits?

Not so great? Well don’t you worry.  I was just rereading a chapter from one of my fav Marianne Williamson books and I was reminded of these four simple rules to make miracles happen.  I’m all about makin miracles and magic happen, so I decided to adopt these rules as my theme for the year.  Check them out!

 1. Be Positive.

Positive people are just the BEST!  Let’s live on the sunny side of the street, spread joy, and lift people’s spirits.  Not only is it just way more fun than the alternative, but did you ever notice how positive people tend to get promoted, get offered new jobs, and get new opportunities? Positivity is contagious.  Everybody wants a piece of it and everybody wants to be around it.  Be the bright beam that everybody gravitates towards this year!

2. Send Love.

Love is seriously the best thing you can give another person.  Romance or not (and lord knows I looooove romance), sharing love---even if it’s just a mental hug--can shift some big stuff.  I remember way back in the day when I was teaching, I would think of my “tricky” students and blast them with love before I would arrive at school.  Not only did it change my attitude towards them, but it changed our whole teacher/student relationship! The “tricky” people in our life just need a little more love.  So give it to them!

3. Have funnnn!!!

Yes! Yes! Let’s ALL agree to have waaaay more fun this year!! Life is so short and I don’t want to waste another second not having the time of my life.  Dance in the streets!  Sing with that  steel drum player guy in the Subway at Times Square!  Stay up too late chatting with your girlfriends over wine [or dude friends...Uhh...grunt at football games over beer?]  Enjoy this crazy ride we’re on.   We’re not getting any younger;)

4. Kick Ass.

Whatever you do, kick ASS doing it.  Whatever job you’re in, be freakin amazing at it.  I don’t care if you’re a janitor, be the BEST janitor this side of the universe has ever SEEN! No being flakey.  No being lame about meaningless tasks.  Put all your energy into making the work you do AMAZING and more of the work that you care about will come your way.  It’s science;)

So those are my commitments to this sparkling year! Sheer positivity, endless love, insane amounts of fun, and lots of kick ass-ing.   Whatya say? Are you in? Leave me a comment and share your commitments for the year!

To the best year EVER! xo name

Confession Time.

Ok, I have a confession.  I failed at my New Years Resolution within the first THREE hours of the new year!  I only mildly, vaguely, kinda sorta committed to the idea of being a vegetarian in 2014.   So in the midst of champagne celebrations on New Years Eve, I was handed a chicken sandwich and my resolution was out the door. Alright, so resolutions shmesolutions.  Nobody likes them! They don’t work.  You end up just giving up when you feel a little depressed about failing at them so quickly.  What does actually work and is super exciting is goals! Setting a few clear, specific, and inspiring goals will change your year-- and your entire life.

I need to lose this extra weight from the holidays is soooo not inspiring to me. Blah. Ick. Get it away.

I try out three new classes every week  or  My boyfriend and I cook a new vegetarian meal together every Friday.  Uhh...excuse me but those goals actually sound pretty fun!

We are going to make 2014 the BEST year--the year you start living your dreams and having tons of fun.  I’m going to help you a bit.  Here are three simple steps to help you elevate this year to the next level of awesome.

3 steps to start living your dream life













Get crystal clear on what your dream year and dream life actually looks like.  You can’t expect it to fall out of the sky, because even if it did--you wouldn’t recognize it because you don’t know what it is you want!  Take some time (like we’re talking 10 minutes), sit down and make a list.  Draw a picture. Create a board on pinterest.  Do some honest soul searching.   What does your ideal life, your ideal year really look like?   By ideal, I’m talking wildest dreams. Endless possibility.  Nothing is too crazy, too bold, too risky.  It’s your year to start being honest with yourself and start living like you mean it.

Where do you dream of living?  What do you daydream about doing for work?  Do you want to travel? Where do you want to go?  How do you take care of yourself?  Do you wish you could run a marathon?  Do you want to feel like you belong to a community? What does that look like to you?  What do you want to do for fun? What is important to you? What do you value? What have you always wanted to try? Heck...what would you do if you won a million dollars tomorrow?


Once you know what it is you really want, you can start setting some inspiring goals for yourself!  Goals give you a target,  that clear, specific spot to set your aim towards and ultimately reach.  Goal setting sets your dreams into motion and gets your creative, subconscious brain moving in the right direction, YOUR direction.  Your goals are 100% authentic to you and inspire you to take action.  Brian Tracy (goal setting guru that he is) says that, “People with clear, written goals accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine. Goals allow you to control the direction of change in your favor.” Sounds pretty awesome, right?

I’m going to be delving a WHOLE lot more into goal setting, bucket lists, and dreams during my New Year’s Vision and Goals workshop during Hamptons Wellness Week (www.hamptonswellnessweek.com).  I hope you’ll join me then so we can get super clear, specific and inspired for 2014!

Finally, the NUMBER one thing you need to do to make 2014 your BEST year yet, is to get into action now!  Your dreams, goals and visions for your life are so beautiful and so perfect. The only way the world will ever see your greatness is if you choose greatness today.  Choose to show up for yoga class.  Choose to read that book, write that book, or give away that book!  Choose to eat your broccoli, kale and green beans.  Choose to spend time with the people who matter to you.  Choose to sign up for that race.  All it takes is one teeny tiny small action a day to bring you closer to your wildest dreams.  You are what’s going to take your year to the next level.  So many adventures are waiting, so many melt your heart snapshot moments, and so many “hell yeah, I did that!”s are just beyond these initial footsteps.  Commit to choosing your dream life, and you will have it.  It’s going to be an awesome year!!

Can’t wait to see you January 16th to talk more about your goals and to set you up with an action plan for the year! See you soon!

Love, love,









Why 2014 is going to Knock your Socks off!















A few months ago, I was chatting with Jenna about goals, life, and all things great. Jenna helped me to set real, concrete goals for my life, both business and personal. I was feeling really excited about what was to come. So excited to get tackling my goals and experience the life I’ve always wanted. It was then that Jenna asked what really drove me to start One Healthy Hamptons and what I dreamt it to be. I started One Healthy Hamptons last April to provide a resource, local e-magazine, and a community to celebrate and grow health and wellness here in this amazing place we call home. I wanted to rejoice the uniqueness of this beautiful place full of incredible people and outstanding resources. But why? Why me? Why here? Why now?

Why not just let people do what they want to do? Health is already a huge part of the Hamptons community; we love our fitness classes, our kale salad, and our fun nights out, embracing the Hamptons scene, all while penciling in the next day’s workout…right? But, is it a positive thing? Are we just going through the motions and working out to make space for the fun? Are we indulging with thoughts of cardio and detox? If this is you, don’t worry, this was me too.

I started OHH because I am so DONE living like that. We only have one life, only 364.5 more days to enjoy and embrace 2014. So, unless we’re enjoying the process, it’s really just a big, huge waste of valuable time. I started One Healthy Hamptons because I was DONE with this deranged mindset. DONE with society’s pressures to ‘get skinny.’ DONE with the cycle of overindulging followed by detox, diet, and cardio binges. Ugh, what a miserable, unbalanced way to NOT enjoy all of the valuable time we have on this earth. I was DONE with the negativity that’s been so closely wound into such positive concepts of health and wellness. DONE hearing, seeing, judging others, done being jealous, done overdoing it for all of the wrong reasons. I know if I was DONE, that lots of others must be just as fed up, just as ready to turn things around. Once I hit this realization, things began to shift, especially as my eyes opened to the unique world of wellness throughout the Hamptons. Health and wellness became a positive passion, not a negative obsession. One Healthy Hamptons resulted from my growing passion to turn negativity to positivity and to spread that positivity throughout the place I love to call home as much as possible. To connect people over the common theme of embracing health and wellness.

I started One Healthy Hamptons to get the message across, not just to other young girls with deranged mindsets from society’s impact, but to an entire community of diverse people, that being healthy and fit, making wellness a priority, doesn’t have to be a sacrifice at all. It can actually be a balanced, ENJOYABLE process with huge positive outcomes. Eating healthy is fun. Working out is fun. Trying new things, challenging our selves, pushing the limits, attaining goals – it’s all fun. The things that make us feel our best, our strongest, our healthiest, are GOOD for us and they deserve to be embraced.

I workout because I ENJOY it and I eat what I ENJOY. One Healthy Hamptons is built on the premise of balance in life, not extreme exercise, not cutting calories, or cutting fun in any way. I’m not the fittest one in the class, but I’ll try pretty much anything. I overcame a serious hatred of running by…running! I crave healthy food that actually tastes good. If it were up to me, peanut butter would be a central part of every meal and workout clothes would be an acceptable ensemble everywhere – always. My passions are pure. I simply LOVE to feel good and I’m passionate about to helping others feel the same.

partyMy drive to start this community, One Healthy Hamptons, came from the desire to fully embrace the positivity of health and wellness and to make it that much more accessible for all of us. In a few short weeks, once we’ve settled into 2014, gotten used to our routines, and hopefully taken the holiday decorations down, health and wellness in the Hamptons is going to be the MOST accessible it’s ever been. We’re throwing a party and it’s called Hamptons Wellness Week. For one week only, all things healthy and well Montauk to Westhampton will be RIGHT at your fingertips.

If you want 2014 to be THE year, YOUR year, then join me. If you’re ready to set yourself up for success, if you’re DONE with the negatives and ready to CELEBRATE, or you’re ready to make this your healthiest year yet, you’re invited to Hamptons Wellness Week. If you want to learn, try, and grow, you’ve got to be there! Where?

Sign up for Hamptons Wellness Week on January 12th at Hampton Coffee’s Experience Store in Southampton, NY. Meet me there between 8 and 11am or 4 and 6pm to commit to getting fit, reinvest in your health, learn a ton, and have some fun. Participants in Hamptons Wellness Week will get: SEVEN premium fitness classes of your choice that work with YOUR schedule, SIX lectures to learn the skills to make 2014 knock your socks off, (including a fabulous goal-coaching session with Jenna herself!) nutrition consultations, natural facials, a party and tasting at Fresh, the Hamptons top restaurant for healthy, local eats. We’re going to celebrate the year that WILL knock your socks off.

Namaste to that!


Celebration time!

  Untitled 13














Woo! It’s time to celebrate! A new year is on it’s way! Every one I talk to has a good feeling about 2014.  It’s going to be an incredible year...and so I’ve put together a little exercise to get you thinking about your new year now and to fully set yourself up for success in 2014.

Take ten minutes to quickly answer the next series of questions.  Set a time limit and do not spend more than 30 seconds on each.  Your first reaction is the right one. Here we gooo! 


What was your greatest joy in 2013? 


What unexpected pleasures and people came into your life?


What was your greatest disappointment?


What are you bummed you didn’t accomplish? 



 Who did you hurt over the past year?



What would you do if you won a million dollars?



What is your most important goal right now?



What would you do if you knew this was your last year to live?



What have you always wanted to try but never have?

  As we move into a new year, it is important to recognize the good and the bad from the year before.  A fresh start involves a whole lot of forgiveness and letting go.  So look those bruises and blisters from 2013 in the eye.   Forgive yourself.  Forgive the people who did you wrong.  Take a deep breath and let it all go. Leave 2013 where it belongs.

Stepping into 2014, how can you bring your goals to the forefront of your mind and your life?  How will you take action to make them happen? Set up a game plan.  Create a schedule.  Register for that big race.  Don’t wait.  Do it now.

What have you been waiting and waiting to do? What has been a dream of yours for a long time?  Where do you desperately want to go?  And how can you make that happen this year?

Time is all you’ve got.  One year is all you’ve got.  What will you make happen for yourself in the next 365 days?

If you need a kick in the butt getting it together, I’m totally here for you!   We can sit down and create an awesome, inspiring, gorgeous action plan to make 2014 the BEST year of your life.  That’s all I want for you.

I am also holding a Vision and Goals Workshop during Hamptons Wellness Week! Check out all the details at www.hamptonswellnessweek.com.  It's going to be an amazing week and I'd love to see you there!

You’re incredible! Have a beautiful New Year’s Eve! I’ll toast to your dreams at mid-night;)



What's your next move?

tomorrow's promise

If you're anything like me, you probably have this bright, beautiful vision for your life down the road, in the future, somewhere in the distant yonder.  Most days, I’m  just dying be there!  I want to take a big jump from A to Z…and skip all that in between stuff.

The thing with setting a beautiful vision for your life is that sometimes it is easy to spend all day daydreaming and planning and pinning your future (wedding on pinterest before you even have that cutie boyfriend).

But after all is said and done, we must take action today to get to our beautiful dreams of tomorrow.

In my bright beautiful future, I'm vloggin and bloggin all the time! So i'm taking action today to set my future self up for vloggin success.  Check out my latest video and tell me: What is one thing you can do today to set yourself up for success tomorrow?


How do you change the world?

You are extraordinary and you have so much to offer this world with your talents.  I have no doubt you can achieve anything you desire.  You can cross off any goal.  You can climb any mountain, run any marathon, win any award.  With enough determination and focus, you literally can do anything you dream of doing. But what does it matter?

matters of the heart If your goals are just mere achievements and are just being done to be done, it doesn’t matter.  If your goals aren’t synced with what matters most to your heart and your soul, achieving them won’t matter much.

How do you make them matter? Better yet, how do you make them even more powerful and more fulfilling?

You link them with your soul.  You link them to the things that make your soul come alive and heart burst into action.  You set a “why” behind them.  You set an intention.

If you know what matters to your heart, you know what matters to the world.  And if you know what brings peace to your heart, you know what brings peace to the world.  If you know what changes your heart, you know what changes the world.

What matters most to your heart? What matters most to your soul? Melt and blend and infuse your goals with all that matters most.

So tell me, how will you change the world? Leave a comment below and get into conversation about what matters most to you.

In love,



Do you believe in magic?

I totally do.

Whenever I’m thinking about something over and over, it usually appears in my life in some shape or form.  It could be the Law of Attraction, but I think it has more to do with the Law of Concentration.  This means that whatever you dwell upon grows and expands in your life.

So what are you thinking about?  Where do you tend to focus most of your brain power?

If you are continually thinking about your goals and thinking about what it is you want in your life, your behavior and conversations will be effected by that.  You will become more determined to achieve it.  You will start walking the walk, and talking the talk--without realizing it.

But with all things magical, there is a catch! A poison apple.



This poison apple comes in the shape of the things you worry about.  The things you don’t want.  The negatives.  Worry is just negative goal setting.  So the more you think about the things you don't want, the more they begin to effect your behavior.  Soon you will begin experiencing more of what you don’t want.  And that's exactly what the wicked witch wants.


So here's how to make the magic happen:

Make sure that you are very clear and honest with yourself about what it is you truly, deeply want.  Write down exactly what that is. Then, concentrate wholeheartedly on your goals and the best version of yourself.  Concentrate on your positive qualities and talents, and the person you hope to become. Think of your goals every day. Write them down and place them where you see them frequently.

Leave a comment and share your goals! As you share your goals with other people, you begin to set them into motion. 

In love,


Get to your goals quicker

I know you want to get to accomplishing your goals quicker. Who doesn't?

There is one super simple thing that you can start doing right now to propel yourself in the direction of your goal.



Get that goal out of your subconscious mind and out into the world!   It amazes me how many people I meet who do not take the time to simply write their goal or goals down on paper.

You see, we've gotta train our minds to be on the look out for opportunities to help move our goals along.

So right now, grab a piece of paper and write down just one of your goals.  Hang it on your fridge or somewhere you can see it every day.   If you keep a journal, try writing your goal down 5 times before your go to sleep and 5 times when you wake up in the morning.

Program your mind for what you want, and watch it fly into your life!


There is going to be some really juicy stuff headed your way in the next few weeks. Get excited!

In love,


How do you want to feel?

Picture your dream life. 

In that life, how do you want to feel?

When your eyes flutter open every morning-- how do you want to feel?

As you go throughout your day-- how do you want to feel?

When your working, doing your job-- how do you want to feel?

In your community-- how do you want to feel?

When you step into your home-- how do you want to feel?

In your relationships-- how do you want to feel?

As your day winds down and you crawl into bed-- how  do you want to feel?

What does it feel like to live your dream life?


how do you want to feel?


The things you continuously dwell on rush rapidly into your life.  The more your desires and dreams are fueled by positive emotions, the faster you bring them into your life.  Spend your thoughtful energy on the good things you truly want. Create a map for yourself.  Let yourself be inspired.  Declare to yourself, to the universe, to God what it is you wish for and desire.

Focus on the beauty.  Focus on the positive.  Focus on feelings of love and joy and peace.  All those good things you want-- want you too.

Let them in.



In love,





Brushin Elbows with the Rich and Famous

rich and famous  

My summer in the Hamptons has been nothing but a dream thus far.  Late nights on the beach, hot afternoons on the beach, early yoga on the beach... basically any activity on the beach.  I don’t have car this summer, so I spend my days biking around on my little cruiser, staring in awe of these grand homes of the rich and famous.  I watch Lady Gaga saunter down main street, hear rumors of Beyonce and Jay-Z relaxing on the beach down the road, and sell Alec Baldwin yoga pants.  What a wild lifestyle. It gets me pondering: how are these extraordinary people different than me?  How did they get to be where they are? For the most part, they weren't born with anything more special than what I was born with.

Often times we view ourselves as extremely different than them.  They are put on a pedestal, and we think we couldn’t ever get to where they are.  We often deem ourselves powerless when it comes to our future or level of success and influence.  Unable to change the cards we’ve been dealt.  Not connected enough to get where we really want to be.


In reality, each of us has within us the power to create an extraordinary life for ourselves.  On my  sky blue cruiser, I think about Alec Baldwin and Stephen Spielberg.  Martha Stewart and Renee Zellweger.  Who are they really? They’re just people.  People with big dreams, and the confidence to see them through.

They are just people. Just like you.  Just like me.  Each of them has a unique set of talents, desires, passions---and they choose to let the world see them.

YOU have a unique set of talents, desires, and passions--and that is not an accident. The question is how will you use them?

How will you use this one precious life?

What will you spend your time on?

All we are given is time, and we can create and enjoy what we choose.  It is my challenge to you to think about what’s important to you.  Think about what you love.  Think about the places you love. Focus on these things.  Work on bringing more of these things into your life.

You are unique and extraordinary.  You have so much to offer the world and you are a voice that the world needs to hear.  Let yourself be heard.  Let the world see you.  Be bold, confident and unashamed.

The world is just waiting.  Just waiting for you to make your next move.  Just holding it’s breath to see what you will create.  Frozen in anticipation of your extraordinary gifts.

Share what you’ve been given.  Share your passions.  Share your talents.  Share your desires.  Extraordinary things will begin to fall into place and the world will surprise you with it’s response to your vision and voice.

So tell me:

What’s your next move?

Beyond the Wall

beyond the wall  

 “The most important thing about art is to work. Nothing else matters except sitting down every day and trying.”

-Steven Pressfield, The War of Art

I’ll let you in on a little secret.

I have hit a wall.   A total writer's block.  A war on my creativity.  A ton of bricks plopped on my momentum. What gives?! I was on a roll! I was having a blast working on my blog and sharing it with you and with the world.  I was having a blast making these awesome little inspiring videos in the city, and I just knew once I got out to East Hampton, it would get even better.

The free time! The space! The beauty! I could just sense the magic and creation in the air.

Then something happened.  I had all this free, awesome, beautiful time on my hands...and I stopped working!   My creative system broke down.  I was no longer crunched for time to make things happen for myself.  I was no longer frustrated by the concrete view outside my apartment window and striving for something more beautiful.   I was finally in this gorgeous place, and I would sit down to write something...and just stop.  I’d stare out my window at the grass and flowers.  I would take deep breaths of the fresh air.  I would stare in awe of the ocean.  I was searching for the inspiration I thought was just waiting for me out here, away from the city.  And I couldn’t find it.

What?! The Hamptons are the home of so many creatives! I thought my soul would just begin to BURST with creativity and expression once it breathed in the salty, fresh air! I thought my blog posts would be brilliant! My book would write itself!  My art would just jump off the pages!

In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t posted a blog in a few weeks now.  Last week, I was suffering from “blogger’s shame” that I didn’t get a post up the week before.  Then, instead of just getting something up, I told myself it had to be epic to make up for the missed week! So I spent an entire day biking around East Hampton searching for inspiration and all I found was frustration! Nothing was good enough! Nothing I wrote down seemed inspiring enough. I recorded a video that was beyond incoherent!  Again, I froze and I continued my week in my state of blogger shame.

So what’d I do about it?

I started telling people. Instead of harboring my own shame, I started sharing my shame with people. I started acknowledging the elephant in my creative space.  I emailed my boss in the city and told her I hadn’t finished a project because I was coming up against some nasty resistance.  I told my friends I was stuck and I needed pushed.  Now, I’m telling you.

And look at that... an entire post is written. It’s out there.  And hopefully it will help you get passed your own resistance.

For some reason, we resist what we most need.  We resist the things that help us grow.  We resist the good things, the challenging things, the things meant for us.

Then I had another thought.  If I’m resisting my own art, writing and creative pursuits--the things I love most--what else am I resisting in life? Surely this one area is not the only thing that's good for me.  Surely, I must be pushing away other things I really need.  So I took a deeper dig into the last couple weeks.

I found that I have been resisting almost everything good for me.   I’ve been resisting running (one of my favorite things in the world!).   I’ve been resisting cooking and eating really healthy foods.  I’ve been resisting getting a good nights sleep (by catching up on The Bachelorette).  Sometimes, I've even been resisting my awesome friends by letting calls go to voice-mail.  I’ve been resisting so many things that are good for me, needed, and things that add value and joy to my life.

So I’m working through each of these places of resistance.  How?  By simply showing up.    Not expecting earth shattering results.  Releasing a bit of the self inflicted pressure.  Being present.  Being open.

Showing up at the page to write.  Showing up to run.  Putting away the computer, and closing my eyes to sleep.  Filling my fridge with fruits, even when all I want is pickles and french fries (my idea of junk food).  Setting my self up for (minimal) success, by just going through the motions to get myself where I truly want to be.

Just.  Showing. Up.

And slowly, but surely the blocks are dislodging.  The runs are getting a little easier.  The writing, well... you’re seeing it.  I’m sleeping.  I’m loving my grapes and greens.  I’m working on a new video project.  I’m drawing.

It’s working.

So tell me... How do you deal with resistance? How do you work through your own blocks and brick walls? Leave me a comment and share your thoughts on the matter.  Let's blast through this wall together.