Gratitude Meditation

let go and live in gratitude This is the season of letting go.  A season of releasing, surrendering, and shedding. The leaves have let go.  The harvest has let go. All of the earth is letting go, surrendering, shedding weight.  Releasing the fruits of the seasons...good or imperfect.

Before we all get swept off our feet and into full force holiday mode, just take a day, a morning, a few moments to mirror what is happening in nature.  Go to a yoga class. Take a nice long walk in nature.  Enjoy a hot bath.  Cozy up with your journal and a cup of tea. Just reflect.

What do you need to release in order to be fully present over the holidays? What do you need to let go of in order to find peace, joy, and gratitude? What do you need to surrender in order to feel a lightness in your heart?

Let go of those things that no longer serve you.  Let go of those thoughts that only cause you pain.  Let go of resentment. Let go of control.

Release and feel only gratitude.

Find a quiet spot and a comfortable seat.  Gently close your eyes.  Feel the inhale at the tip of your nose.  The warmth of your exhale. Breathe deeply.  Complete the sentence "I am grateful for___________ ." ten times (or more!). Let a sense of gratitude warm up your insides like a cozy cup of tea.

Feel, and move, and breathe from this warm place of gratitude this holiday season.

Much, much shanti--

Much, much peace,



How to Awaken your Inner Treasure Trove

photo (1) Rubies, Sapphires, Diamonds, Gold.  Valuable beyond compare. Precious. Sparkling.  You have all these sparkling goodies housed right inside yourself---except they take the form of your passions, purpose, talents, and possibilities.  Your treasure trove is just waiting and begging you to awaken it and share it with the world.  So how do you do that? How do you bring forth your passion? How do you awaken your purpose? How do you share your talents and live life in sweet possibility?

Here are 5 quick tips to Awaken your inner treasure house:

1. You must recognize how critical this is. Your treasure trove is sacred. Your passions, talents and individual purpose is needed and needed badly by the world.  Your design is specific.  Your particular blend of talents is so unique that the world depends upon you harnessing them for the betterment of your community.

2. Make a LOVE LIST. Assess your talents. What comes naturally to you? What feels like play? What makes you light up? What would you do all day long if money were no issue? This can be a combination of many things! I love music, and inspiration, and yoga, and community, and social media, and singing, and spirituality!  Multiple different talents that all blend together into my beautiful career.  So make your LOVE LIST. What would you LOVE to do every day? What would you LOVE to spend your time on?

3.  How can I use my LOVE LIST in service of others? How can I uplift and be of service?  Our talents were design for us specifically, but they weren't designed to be kept to ourselves. Share them and share them generously!  Your treasure trove has the power to heal, inspire, guide, and bless so many people.  Give it away! What you give away, you receive back ten fold.  Do not hesitate to be generous.

4. Do it full out. Live every day from the center of your calling every day.  Live from your place of passion, live from the heart of your purpose, share your talents.  Don't shrink back. Don't hide.  Fully embody your passion & calling all the time.  It is your greatest responsibility to live from the center of your treasure trove.

5. Be open to new possibilities that arise from living full out.  Expect miracles to happen naturally. Things will start to happen. You will sparkle. You will glow. You will meet people. You will be offered dream opportunities. Be open.  Say yes to those things that align beautifully and perfectly with your treasure trove. "When you bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen." - Thoreau

You are beautiful, sparkling, radiant, and glowing.  Let out all of that beautiful and light into the world!

What is on your love list? Leave me comment below and tell me how you will use that in service of the world!






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Are you ready?

Ok...it's time. Time for you to star in your soulful adventure. Time for you to dive in and just say yes. Create a plan and get going.

It's time for you to think like royalty.  As the queen bee of inspiration said herself:

Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.



Your talents, gifts and passions are deeply needed in this world.  You have the power to change the world AND live a life you love.  You have a responsibility to your talents and a responsibility to use those talents in service of this great world.

It's not time to shrink back and hide from your magnificence.  It's time to glow. Time to SHINE.

I am so excited and PUMPED to share with you my latest project-- Soulshine! A glimpse into my philosophy as a yoga teacher and a goal coach. Take a peak and then book your FREE 15 minute consultation!

Ok sweet soul--- what are you waiting for? What is holding you back from reaching deep down within yourself and shining that bright light to the world?

Let's talk about it during your consultation! Book by clicking below!

Positive Thoughts: How to lift your spirits on a rainy day

rainy day Ever have those days (Or maybe weeks, or maybe months---perhaps even years!) where you are in a funk and you just can’t get out of it? I totally get it. Those days for me happen on rainy, dreary, sleepy days.  (I’m sunshine, summer girl;)).

The funny thing is-- I wake up on rainy days and the first thing I think is “Gahh what a bummer! Where’s the sun?? I wanted to go to the beach, go for a bike ride, do yoga outside jump in the pool! Blah this stinks.” And the rest of my day turns out to pretty much be a bummer. If every day were like this, I would end up with a bummer-of-a-life!


If you’re having a bummer-of-a-day, check yo’ thoughts! Your thoughts color your world, your reality--your soul.  Here are my go to pick me ups and resources for positive thoughts galore:

1. Get your sweet soul to a yoga class. (Seriously---yoga is my cure all for any less than colorful, less than beautiful thoughts. Even just a few poses that get me upside down turn my mind right side up.)

2. Get out that inspiring book.  The one you can count on to bring some soul-shining goodness into your being.  Read just a chapter, or even a few lines.  I looove Marianne Williamson and have two of her books in arms reach almost at all times:)  Usually one is kinda all crumpled in my purse;)

3. Find an uplifting movie to lift your spirits.  Disney anyone? Tangled, Frozen, Up-- maybe an inspiring documentary that will make you weep with joy? Just make sure whatever you watch has a happy ending;)

4. Go for a walk. Even if it’s raining. The fresh air, nature, being closer to the earth will change your mood and freshen your soul. I always find that whenever I’ve been inside for more than 3 or 4 hours, I’m desperate to get outside.  Just go:)

5. Embrace it.  Every season, every mood has its benefits and happens for a particular reason.  Make a cup of peppermint tea and stay awhile:)

What do you like to do when you're feeling down? How do you raise your vibrations and get your mind back on the beautiful side of life? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

Wishing you many sunny, bright days ahead---




A Soulful Guide to Summer


Summer in the Hampton's is official in full swing! Memorial Day weekend was a beauty and now you're just craving more salty wind in your hair.  To make sure you make the best of Summer 2014, I've put together a Complete Soulful Guide to Summer.  So it might not be a book, but I think these 5 simple tips will make sure you have an amazing, inspiring, juicy summer and that you enjoy it to the fullest: 

1.  Do yoga on the beach

As much as possible.  There is nothing more incredible, more meditative, more soothing and blissful than listening to the crashing waves sync with your breath.  Vinyasa means linking breath to movement. (Check out this article in Yoga Journal about that!) Being next to the ocean and linking your breath to the ocean AND your movement, feels like the greatest massage for your mind.  You do your sun salutations with the actual sun pouring over your skin and face. Your soul is relaxed because you are standing on the edge of the earth looking out at infinite possibility. You are inspired by the greatness and beauty of it all.  There is truly nothing better. Do yoga on the beach--alone, with a group, with an instructor-- and prepare for bliss:)

2.  Make a Bucket List

There is SO much to do over the summer.  You don't want to get to August 25th and realize you didn't do half the things you had hoped! Last summer was the first year I made a bucket list, and I tried to cross one or two things off a week. It worked great! I got to sip a beer at the Montauk Brewery (while listening to live music by my favorite musician). I went kayaking, and ate lobster in Montauk.  I did yoga on the beach every week, and went paddle boarding at sunset. I danced at Wolffer Estate and sat in the captain's chair of a fisherman's boat. (ok...maybe that wasn't exactly on my bucket list). My point is--set your self up for an awesome summer and you will have an even better one than you imagine.

2. Do everything you can outside

Everything. Eat outside. Exercise outside. Swim outside. Shower outside. Sleep outside. Ride bikes. Read books. Paint. Write. Dance. Yoga.  Do everything outside. 

3. Say Yes

Saying yes is all about taking risks. Diving in when there is a moment of hesitation or uncertainty. Not being sure, maybe not feeling ready--but jumping in anyway. It's about remaining open to new possibilities. It's about being flexible, keeping your heart open, and changing the plan. It's about living with a freedom and lightness in your heart and soul.

4. Watch the sunset over the ocean

Sit with someone and talk about your dreams and goals.  Dream of possibilities together. Encourage each other. Create a safe space for each other. Marvel at the beauty of the earth and know that you are taken care of--just like every other specimen on this planet.  Make wishes. Make goals.  Be hopeful.

5. Give Generously

In some way, give something away. Give your time to something you care about.  Give your money to someone or an organization who needs it.  Give your skills and talents away for free. Welcome friends and guests into your home. Be generous.  Try to make someone else's summer day amazing, incredible, and so so memorable. There is no better way to fill your heart with joy and fulfillment than to give what you've got. Karma---it will all come back around:)

Want to add to this list? Have other great soulful, summer ideas? Please tell me in the comments! I'd love to share with everyone:)

To a soul-shining summer,


Jenna raynell

Didn't like my list? Maybe you'll like the Kid President's better: 

(I love this kid!:))

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Peace + Stillness = Bliss

Do you ever feel like you can't relax? I've been in the Hamptons 4 days, and I'm just now finally starting to slow down my speed from hyper speed city life, to laid back beach living. It's no surprise that when I first started practicing yoga seriously several years ago, Savasana always seemed difficult to me.  "Just lie there? Don't do anything? What do you mean? Nothing? What is the point?" My brain would be in a battle with my teacher. I was never able to fully relax. And what did I find in my life at that time? I was anxious. I was unable to stop moving. I was unable to take a day off.  I had to keep working because if I stopped, I would fall behind. I couldn't fall behind. Everything rested on the work I was doing, every day, every moment.

Or so I thought.

I was not getting anywhere. The things I worked so hard at and kept so busy with meant nothing after a while. I started realizing all of my goals had no real purpose. I kept coming to my mat because I kept finding purpose there. I kept finding meaning. I started craving the stillness. I started noticing how tired I actually was-- not just physically, but also mentally & emotionally. I was beaten up.  The person who did the beating was me. I didn't give myself time to relax.

So last summer (as everyone in my life knows),  I ran away to the beach.  There in the sun of Egypt Beach in East Hampton, I developed my own daily practice. I woke up daily and biked to the deserted beach to practice.  On my own, I let the sun and the crashing sound of the waves heal me.  I forgave myself.  Accepted myself. I challenged myself. And finally, I was able to lie completely still--mind still, body still-- in Savasana for 15 minutes. Total relaxation.


I had never taken a meditation course. I had never been told that the point of yoga was to still & prepare the mind for meditation. But on that quiet beach with waves crashing & sun glowing, my natural inclination was to sit tall, still and without constant badgering of my mind. I felt the closest to God in that one moment than any other moment in my life. That moment brings me back to my mat daily. Savasana is the game changer. Being totally in Savasana brings me right back to that blissful beach moment with God.

How can you bring more Savasana to your life? How can you disconnect from the chaos and reconnect to that which matters most? How can you find a few quite moments with your soul?

It's something I have to consciously work towards every week, every day.  But it is so, so worth it:) Yoga bliss happens in Savasana.  Life bliss happens when you slow down enough to notice how beautiful and wonderful things really are.

Wishing you a day of bliss and peace as you prepare for the *unofficial* start to summer this weekend!



5 Life Lessons Found in Disney’s Frozen


I'm sure I'm not the only grown up who cozy-ed up on Saturday night to watch Disney's Frozen from the comfort of my own home.  (Woo! What a relief it's finally on DVD!)  Watching any Disney princess movie, I have a natural tendency to try to apply the situations and lesson to my own life (because... aren't we all really one of those Disney princesses in one way or another? I mean... You totally know which one you are. Ariel? Rapunzel? Belle?).

Here are the 5 lessons I learned watching Frozen:

1. Let People In

It’s not always easy to let people see the real you, but cooping yourself up in your room, your castle--or a personality that is not authentically you-- can seriously damage relationships.  Let people in.  Let them see the real you--because who you are is amazing, fun, and magical.  A queen that is holed up in her castle acts as a disservice to her kingdom.  YOU are a queen, a princess, royalty.  When you let your light shine, you allow your community (your kingdom) to shine bright as well.  Let them in. Let your #soulshine.

2. Let things go

Ahhh... Adele Dazim.  You’ve made it so easy for us to remember one of the greatest life lessons! Taught over and over in yoga classes, the art of letting things go frees us from so much pain and unhappiness.  You may have messed up.  Your whole city or company or family may be angry at you.  Maybe your sister is marrying a creep.  You may have a million negative thoughts running through your head.  Learn to let go of those things that do not serve you--those things that are keeping your from your best life.

3. Don’t let your past mistakes shape your future

In Frozen, the entire movie is based around Elsa’s inability to let go of one mistake in her past.  Sure, she messed up (and she messed up reeeeally good), but our mistakes and our past do not need to define us.  Once you are able to release the past, you can live fully in the present and be with the people that are here with you.  Don’t let the past keep you from creating new and beautiful experiences for your life.

4. Love creates Miracles

Every move we make, every word we speak can either come from love or from fear.  The Course in Miracles teaches that when we shift our thinking from fear to love, that is when miracles occur.  Anna shows us that love--true, pure love absent of fear-- saves us.  In every situation, the extreme life threatening situations or the every day, seemingly mundane ones, we can choose love or we can choose fear.  The goal then is to make every thought a loving one.

5. Some people are worth melting for

A snow man who loves summer and builds a fire for his princess. There are just some people you meet in life that you can’t resist.  You melt for them daily-- over and over again.  Don't ever stop!  Do nice things for them. Tell them how much they mean to you.  Spend time with them. Love them deeply. Cherish them.  Melt for them.


Did you learn something else in Frozen?  Ok and yes... please  tell me which Disney princess you relate to most.  Share your thoughts in the comments:)







Oh PS--- I'm totally Rapunzel;) tangled6


Soulful Liberation

soulful liberation


The seen is the nature of the gunas (qualities of nature): illumination, activity, and inertia; and consists of the elements and sense organs, who purpose is to provide both experiences and liberation to the Purusa (soul).

The Yoga Sutras

This winter was the hardest and longest winter I’ve ever experienced. I went from cursing the sleet and snow, to deep sadness and longing for warmth.  Then I would switch from frustration, to anger until finally--after the blustering winds wouldn’t stop...I became content, even happy!  I made a conscious choice to lift my focus higher--to the soul level.

All that is around us is there to help us towards our soulful liberation--our soul’s union with God and with love.

So in the dark of winter, I made the choice that I was tired of feeling the way I was feeling.  I was tired of cursing my conditions.  I began to meditate and pray every morning...not even for a long time! Just a few minutes to get my mind in the right place.  I started a gratitude journal.  I focused on positive mantras throughout my day and my yoga practice. Every time a negative thought came to mind, I would switch it instantly with a blessing.

And now, I hardly even notice that it’s the first day of spring and I’m still wearing my down, long black winter coat.  (I mean... I definitely notice... but I’m not upset by it;))

Our experiences--good and seemingly negative-- help to liberate our soul.  Our soul only feels free when it is light and full of love.  This happens when we perceive all that is around us with gratitude and joy.  Yes, even the experiences that scratch and claw at our hearts leaving us sore and hurt. Those heart wrenching, utterly painful experiences exist to strengthen your soul.  In fact, they are doing the dirty work to make your soul even more beautiful, even more aligned with God and with pure love.

Nothing lasts forever.  Things are constantly changing, constantly bringing to our attention new experiences, new trials, new joys.  True freedom comes when we are able to live through those experiences without despair.  In fact, peace comes when despair is replaced with gratitude because we know that all of it--the pain, the heartache, the tears, the bitter cold--it’s all for our own growth, our highest good, and the elevation of our souls to a shining, bright place.

And that is my wish for you. True freedom in knowing that all the terrible things will get better and that YOU will shine brighter because of it.

May your soul shine brighter every day:)

























Lately I’ve been drawn to this [i believe made up] word.  A word that describes your spirit when you are living out your dream.



  What is it?   It is those moments when you are undeniably happy, glowing, and radiate light.  It’s this place in you of pure love, pure joy, and pure purpose.  When you are living in this place, you are influencing the world in a huge way.  It’s your soul awake, you're fully alive, and you can't help but smile.  It’s your life--on purpose.  It’s that thing that you are reeeally good, and that you reeeeally love too--and it makes people stop and notice that your glowing.  They can see your eyes shining.

The cool thing is that living out of your Soulshine is perfectly unique and perfectly beautiful for each person.  It’s like you’ve been given an internal fingerprint that no one else has.  When you are letting your soul shine, you give others permission to do the same thing.  You give others hope.  You show them that yes, it can be done.  This passionate life you dream of? Yes, it’s totally possible.

My dream is to see more people living from their “soulshine”.  I think the world would change drastically if more people tapped into their talents, passions, and abilities.  Problems would be solved left and right.  We’d be left with love, and light--beauty and grace--and a whole lot of happiness.

So... I really want to know more people who are living like this.  Are you one of them?  Do you know someone like this?

Tell me:

What is your soulshine?  

What makes you light up? When are you glowing?

When do you know that you are living your life on purpose?  

What is your big, beautiful dream for your life?

For realz...I want the world to know, because I want the world to begin letting it's soul shine!

I’m going to celebrate these people from the rooftops!  Here’s what’s going to happen: Once a week, I will be featuring a soulshine(r) on my Facebook Page, Blog, and blasting twitter with their good vibes and good intentions.  It's a fun way for you to share what you're up, share your big goals, and inspire the world! Win wins all around:)

Just leave a comment or shoot me an email. Tell me more about you!  I will be selected one person per week to feature, so please do me a favor and share this with others you think live letting their soul shine.

I seriously cannot wait to hear more!:)

To letting your light shine even brighter!







A Vday Love Note

Single?  Girl, I totally get it!  Today can be a rough day. Let me tell you... I have spent the larger portion of my life single (like...literally every Valentine’s Day except one) and every year the 14th was a struggle.

I’m confident. I don’t doubt myself. I love myself.  And yes I know it’s a made up holiday.  But every year, 2-14 would make me question my worth and if I’d ever be loved and cherished on this arbitrary day.

Sound familiar?

Single or not...I think we all need to hear these words:

vday Beauty, you are loved. You are cherished. You are priceless.  You are desired and needed and the world is waiting for your light to shine.  You light up when you do what you love, and you are bursting with passion.  You are beautiful..powerful...strong. You deserve love and approval and support.  And you will have it.  

Recognize the light inside of you and realize how desperately it is needed.  You are meant for great things.  Meant to leave an impact.  You are a queen, a goddess...royalty.  Do not waste one minute falling into the pit of self pity, self loathing, despair, and doubt.  All that you are is needed for something much greater.  Every ounce of energy is needed to perfect your role as a radiant light to the world.  

Do not let fear creep in.  Do not let doubt get in the way.  Do not hide your love any longer.  Shine your light, glow from the center of your unique and cherished heart.  Radiate love to those trapped in that pit of fear, doubt, and pain.  You, shining in all your glory and exploding with love, remind others what is possible for themselves.  Do not let one day--one arbitrary day--ruin your impact or dim your light.  

Give away what you wish to receive.  Give away love. Give away sweet words.  Give away acts of kindness and thoughtfulness.  Give away peace, security, support, and passion. I promise you’ll get it all back (and more)!

You are a beacon.  You glow. You shine.  You draw people in.  You show them that their hearts and minds and souls can be beautiful too--that they can be bursting with love, light and gold.  

Celebrate love today.  Love is all there is and love is all that matters.  Love drives out all the nasty stuff, and reminds us why we’re here.  Look around... Prince charming might not be knocking down your door with roses today, but you are so very, very loved:)


All my love,






PS- I looove this cutie youtube vid;)

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 8.07.54 AM

5 [inexpensive] Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Alright so I’ve been on the struggle bus when it comes to the winter blues.  I am self proclaimed summer girl and wildly acknowledged people person.  Around this point, winter in New York becomes my worst enemy.  In aggressively defending myself against the polar vortex this year, I’ve learned some easy tricks to beat winter at it’s own [evil] game. winterblues











1. Surround yourself with happy friends

I can’t tell you how important this is and it’s also sometimes the hardest to do.  It’s way too easy to isolate yourself when it’s cold and you don’t want to go outside.  So think of the friends you always feel good around, and schedule plans with them for later this week! Heck, why not have good old fashioned slumber party! A night of laugher cures everything.  Get a group of old friends together and reminisce about college.  Maybe even embrace the cold, and go ice skating together or sledding! I promise you, surrounding yourself with good, positive, energetic people will lift your spirits more than almost anything.

2. Take a hot yoga class

This has been my staple this winter.  I go to a typical vinyasa class regularly, but this winter I’ve been turning up the heat in hot classes.  Sometimes you just can’t get that last chill out of your bones.  Not only will a hot yoga class heat you up, but it will lift your spirit and leave you in pure bliss.  Namaste:)

3. Take up a new hobby

Get your fingers and your mind active.  It’s easy to curl up into bed and watch Netflix for 4 hours.  Instead, put on a tea pot and paint for an afternoon.  Grab a fun coloring book and colored pencils.  Learn to knit.  Write letters to family.  Your mind, whether your realize it or not, is craving stimulation.  Activities that use your motor skills will keep your brain sharp.

4. Treat yourself

Get your hair highlighted.  Go to a spa.  Get a massage.  Paint your nails. Do a facial.  Put a conditioning treatment in your hair.  Splurge on a new luxury lotion.  Do something to make yourself feel good, special and better.   Winter is the time I am the hardest on myself and feel the worst.  Giving your self time to pamper will lift your spirits.

5.  Start the day with a positive affirmation or positive thought

Our first thoughts in the morning can [and will] affect our entire day.  Instead of thinking how awful it is to get out of bed and get dressed in the cold, reflect on something more positive.  Dedicate the first moments of your day positivity, miracles, and wonder.  Spend time in prayer.  Repeat a positive mantra.  Meditate on lovely things.  Reflect on what you’re grateful for.  Arm your spirit with good, positive, lovely things and the harshness of the winter will roll right off your back.

What do you do to beat the winter blues? Share your ideas in the comments and let’s all fight through the remaining winter days together!


Anticipating spring,



Glowing hearts and shiny souls:)


I’m gonna be real for a second.

There is a woman out there in the world, about my age, who is living and breathing and working my dream career.  She is funny and cool and creative and people just love her!  I have thought to myself many a times, “Well if she’s doing it, what’s the point of me even trying? Does the world really need two of us doing the same thing?  Can we even both shine and be extraordinary at this?”  In the back of my mind, she is always there and in those secret, sneaky corners of my brain, I compare my every action to what she’s doing and what she’s done.  Whether or not it's true, I always think she’s doing a better job!!

Do you ever feel like this?!

Call me out if I’m crazy, but I think we have tendency to constantly compare, beat ourselves down, and stop all the magic from happening for us!

Friday night, I had the lucky opportunity to attend Crazy Sexy Miracles with Gabby Bernstein and Kris Carr right here in New York City.  It was an extraordinarily beautiful night of healing, laughter, “ah-ha” and “Mmmhmmmm!” moments.  I sat there in awe of these two beautiful, passionate, strong women who were able to share a stage and both shine so brightly.

At one point, someone even directly asked them a question about how to deal with comparing and competition. Kris Carr, calmly and serenely answered:

“Stars don’t compare themselves to other stars.  Look to nature.  How do the stars do it?”

Ok let’s look to the stars for a moment.  How do they do it!?  Well, what comes to mind is how nice it is to see just one star shining on a dark night in between buildings in New York.  Then I imagine being way far out in the country side where it is pitch black, and quiet and still and I finally look up!  How incredibly breathtaking is it to see thousands and thousands of stars lighting up the night sky?!   You stand in awe.  You can hardly take it all in.  Then there are shooting stars, and dancing stars, and glowing stars-- The entire landscape is just gorgeous.

We’re not meant to compare our gifts.

Our gifts, our talents, our passions--they’re special and perfect and needed--needed to create this gorgeous landscape of glowing hearts and shiny souls.  When we are all able to shine, and dance, and gleam and glow without comparison, side by side... wow!! It’s going to be such a beautiful sight.:)

Are you with me?! How are you going to shine brighter this week and stop that nasty habit of comparing?

To glowing hearts and shiny souls:)



We've got it good.

joyI may be an endless summer kind of girl, but the holidays are definitely my favorite time of year.  I love, love, love seeing people recognizing and acknowledging how awesome their lives actually are.  Legit joy, happiness and peace.  And nobody apologizes about it!   Happy facebook posts, pictures of the beautiful things we appreciate, family time, lots of hugging, warm and fuzzies all over the place.  It’s like we all finally start to remember we’re human and we need each other.  We finally start to realize that people need us and that our contribution does make a difference.  We’ve got it good and we’re grateful.

I’m pretty sure this is actually what life is supposed to be like all the time.  We’re supposed to help each other, love each other, make meaningful contributions.  We’re designed and destine to recognize the good that we’ve got.  We’re allowed and supposed to dwell in bliss, joy, and peace.  We’re supposed to give away what we’ve got... because what’s the point in keeping it?

What if we collectively decided to make it a practice to live in thanks-giving? What if we took the time daily to recognize how amazing our lives actually are, and all the good we get to experience every day?

Yeah... let’s hug each other more.

If we really took the time to do this, what would it actually look like? We’d probably slow down a little bit.  We’d probably see more sunsets. (Maybe a few sunrises)  We’d probably linger a little longer with friends.  We’d be more expressive and share our love with the people we actually love.  We’d probably feel a lot more sane.  Ladies...we’d probably feel so much prettier, and much less stressed.

We’ve got it good.  Regardless of the crap we’re dealing with, we’ve got it really good.  And when we take as much time, if not more, to think about the good stuff as we do about the crappy stuff...well we’ll start to see more of the good stuff.  Whatever you dwell on, you get more of that in your life.

Be grateful for what you have--the beautiful things, the people in your life-- not just now, not just during the holidays.  Daily.  365 days a year.

Yeah. I love you! Now and every day.  Happiest Thanksgiving and endless joy to you and your loved ones.



What's your next move?

tomorrow's promise

If you're anything like me, you probably have this bright, beautiful vision for your life down the road, in the future, somewhere in the distant yonder.  Most days, I’m  just dying be there!  I want to take a big jump from A to Z…and skip all that in between stuff.

The thing with setting a beautiful vision for your life is that sometimes it is easy to spend all day daydreaming and planning and pinning your future (wedding on pinterest before you even have that cutie boyfriend).

But after all is said and done, we must take action today to get to our beautiful dreams of tomorrow.

In my bright beautiful future, I'm vloggin and bloggin all the time! So i'm taking action today to set my future self up for vloggin success.  Check out my latest video and tell me: What is one thing you can do today to set yourself up for success tomorrow?


How do you change the world?

You are extraordinary and you have so much to offer this world with your talents.  I have no doubt you can achieve anything you desire.  You can cross off any goal.  You can climb any mountain, run any marathon, win any award.  With enough determination and focus, you literally can do anything you dream of doing. But what does it matter?

matters of the heart If your goals are just mere achievements and are just being done to be done, it doesn’t matter.  If your goals aren’t synced with what matters most to your heart and your soul, achieving them won’t matter much.

How do you make them matter? Better yet, how do you make them even more powerful and more fulfilling?

You link them with your soul.  You link them to the things that make your soul come alive and heart burst into action.  You set a “why” behind them.  You set an intention.

If you know what matters to your heart, you know what matters to the world.  And if you know what brings peace to your heart, you know what brings peace to the world.  If you know what changes your heart, you know what changes the world.

What matters most to your heart? What matters most to your soul? Melt and blend and infuse your goals with all that matters most.

So tell me, how will you change the world? Leave a comment below and get into conversation about what matters most to you.

In love,



Do you believe in magic?

I totally do.

Whenever I’m thinking about something over and over, it usually appears in my life in some shape or form.  It could be the Law of Attraction, but I think it has more to do with the Law of Concentration.  This means that whatever you dwell upon grows and expands in your life.

So what are you thinking about?  Where do you tend to focus most of your brain power?

If you are continually thinking about your goals and thinking about what it is you want in your life, your behavior and conversations will be effected by that.  You will become more determined to achieve it.  You will start walking the walk, and talking the talk--without realizing it.

But with all things magical, there is a catch! A poison apple.



This poison apple comes in the shape of the things you worry about.  The things you don’t want.  The negatives.  Worry is just negative goal setting.  So the more you think about the things you don't want, the more they begin to effect your behavior.  Soon you will begin experiencing more of what you don’t want.  And that's exactly what the wicked witch wants.


So here's how to make the magic happen:

Make sure that you are very clear and honest with yourself about what it is you truly, deeply want.  Write down exactly what that is. Then, concentrate wholeheartedly on your goals and the best version of yourself.  Concentrate on your positive qualities and talents, and the person you hope to become. Think of your goals every day. Write them down and place them where you see them frequently.

Leave a comment and share your goals! As you share your goals with other people, you begin to set them into motion. 

In love,


Get to your goals quicker

I know you want to get to accomplishing your goals quicker. Who doesn't?

There is one super simple thing that you can start doing right now to propel yourself in the direction of your goal.



Get that goal out of your subconscious mind and out into the world!   It amazes me how many people I meet who do not take the time to simply write their goal or goals down on paper.

You see, we've gotta train our minds to be on the look out for opportunities to help move our goals along.

So right now, grab a piece of paper and write down just one of your goals.  Hang it on your fridge or somewhere you can see it every day.   If you keep a journal, try writing your goal down 5 times before your go to sleep and 5 times when you wake up in the morning.

Program your mind for what you want, and watch it fly into your life!


There is going to be some really juicy stuff headed your way in the next few weeks. Get excited!

In love,




“But then I wonder: doesn’t anything worthwhile involve risk?”

It’s been a summer of yes.  My friends and I have been hashtagging it and declaring it all summer.    This week, I sat in a favorite Hampton’s spot pondering all the adventure of this summer that has come from our simple statement.  The risks, adventures, new friendships and relationships of the summer.  A lifetime of magic condensed into 3 short months and I let the memories flood my mind.

I thought about what it meant to have a summer of yes.  Saying yes is all about taking risks.  Diving in when there is a moment of hesitation and uncertainty.  Not being sure, maybe not feeling ready.  Just jumping.

It’s been a summer of opening and declaring new possibilities.  Opening hearts, moving to new towns, challenging old relationships to make space for new ones.  Chasing scary goals and allowing yourself to dream audacious dreams.

It’s been a summer of magic.  Beautiful, unexpected magic.  The magical moments in life happen when you’re fully open and fully present.  They happen when you shift from a fearful perspective to love.  That’s where the miracles lie.  Being open to your dreams, your wishes and your goals becoming your daily reality---and realizing that they may not look like what you expected and planned. Good. That’s even more of a clue they’re meant for you.

As life transitions this fall, realize you have a choice every day in how magical, how adventurous, how incredible your life can be.  Do not settle.  Do not close off.  Choose to live in infinite possibility.  Choose to be curious.  Choose to say yes more often than no.  Choose to say yes when it scares you. Choose to say yes when you’re not quite sure how it will turn out.  Choose to continue to live in the limitless blue skies of summer.

Be passionately curious.  About life.  About love. About your possibilities and your potential.  Be curious about anything that makes you slightly nervous...or excited.  What would you explore if you couldn’t fail.  What if you didn’t know any better? If nothing could go wrong, what would you attempt?

Just say yes...and dive into your next adventure.  Trust you are here in this moment for beautiful reason.  Be present.  Be positive. Be open.

Say yes.



Six Questions


Be the change you wish to see in the world.


Those late summer nights, as I've mentioned before, they get me every time.  Late one night this week, my friend and I sat around our kitchen table, wine in hand, pondering six questions.  Six questions that could make all the difference in life, love and true happiness.

Who do I love and what am I doing about it?

Am I pursuing my dream or is fear holding me back?

Am I doing something that matters?

What am I doing to help others?

Am I as good a person as I want to be?

What am I doing to live life with passion, health, and energy?


Some responses stopped us dead in our tracks, others left us inspired into action and change.  I won't get into the details of my own answers, but am offering you the opportunity to ponder them with me.  What if we all asked ourselves these questions?  What if we all lived from a place of love and passion? Health and energy?  Dreams fulfilled and help given?

And how does one change the world to create this? How does one create a movement of passion, health, and love?  I've realized in my short time on the earth, that maybe the only sure fire way to change the world is to step into what we want to see happen--literally being the change we hope to see.

Ain't nothin to it but to do it, right?

So, to start a movement of dreams coming true and fear pushed aside, we have to first step out boldly and courageously towards our own dreams and visions.

To live in a world of passion and purpose, we must first live every day with passion and a sense of bigger purpose.

To see people living life filled with health and energy, we must embody health and energy ourselves.

To create a world of good people helping each other, it begins with helping ourselves and helping the people we encounter daily.

To surround ourselves with love and joy, we have to do something about the people we love.  Tell them. Show them. Share it.

To fill this world with good people, it takes stepping into our own integrity and not sacrificing it for anything.


I guess it comes down to getting really responsible about what you wish to see.  I love wishing, and day dreaming, and wondering...but I've found that owning up to my daydreams about my life and this world-- and working to make them real-- is way more fun.  Action towards what you want is more of a thrill than creating a wish list.

So these six questions are my gift to you this week--- Ponder away my friends! Get clear about what makes you come alive, what you want to see different about this world, and then get out there and get to it.

I am excited to see the world with you in action.

All my love,








Weird, Ugly Paintings


“Any honest will tell you that possibility is far more frightening than impossibility, that freedom is more terrifying than any prison.”

Julia Cameron

There are three of us. We’re in NYC, San Diego, and East Hampton and we’re studying and recovering our creativity. We are working through our own blocks in a self discovery, self motivated course in creativity.

While I will own up to the fact that I haven’t been as diligent as I could be (I’m a sucker for late summer nights), I am still learning, growing, and dislodging some nasty blocks.

In art (and in life, I’m finding), our past has a way of freezing us up. We think:

This is the way it’s been, so this is the way it always will be.

I’ve never learned to play the violin as kid, so I never will learn.

I’ve never painted. It’s too late to start.

I have never had any luck or success. Tomorrow will be the same.

I always screw up relationships. This one is no different.

We allow our past to create our future. We give it permission to continue because we don’t choose to act any differently. We let what has already happen in our life dictate what will happen tomorrow.


I did not grow up painting. I mean, yes I had water colors and finger paints, but legit painting? Never did it. But I always admired it. I have been marveling at Monet’s paintings since I was seven. The first time I went to the Met in NYC, I stood there staring and wondering how he did it. Even now, when I’m there I get lost thinking about how he did it...and how I could never do it.

One day this winter, I decided I was tired of wondering how he did. I wanted to try. I walked 2 miles to a craft store and bought myself some paints, an easel and brushes. I remembering setting it all up in my little apartment and thinking, “Now what?!”

I didn’t have a clue!  I just started. I played and painted and it didn’t look good. An hour later, I put it all in a box under my bed. Almost once a week, I would get the box out and play the part of a painter. I would put the box back under my bed after a million mistakes and weird results.

After seven months of playing, making mistakes, and making weird, ugly paintings--I finally, finally have created something that I like.  Yeah... I really do like it. And instead of putting it in a box under my bed, I actually showed it to someone.

I had a big, messy past of not being a painter. I made a choice to not let that dictate my future. In the same way, I continued to not let my fresh new past of being a terrible painter get in the way of creating and trying and working to make something new and better.

All those weird, ugly creations were just stepping stones to get me to my real work. The type of thing I think is kinda neat, and kinda beautiful, and I kinda like it.

I love my weird, ugly paintings now because they opened me up to continue moving forward. Sitting with them, making the mistakes, playing, trying new ideas---all these things pushed me to that moment. That beautiful moment on a quiet summer night, where I sat daydreaming--brush in hand, paint in hair, music in the air, and something real on canvas-- and was finally interrupted by the thought, “Wait a second... I think I’m a painter now.”

What things, situations, non-actions are dictating your future? How will you own what you really want for yourself? And how will you take responsibility for your own desires, dreams, and loves for your future?

Your future lies in your actions today. Go make lots of weird, ugly paintings--in all areas of your precious life.

All my love,