Yoga Video: Warm Up for Athletes

yoga for athletes cover Hi there sweet soul!

It is fall and people are diving into sports! Marathon training, football, hockey, tennis, soccer-- everyone is up to something. I created this warm up to prevent injury in athletes.  I've already witnessed too many athletes pulling muscles and hurting themselves.  Warming up well is the key to preventing injury!

In reality, any one can use this warm up! It's great for any type of movement, and even just as a straight up yoga warmup! It is a great warmup for any movement. I've known too many athletes getting injured recently and warming up is the key to preventing injury!

So before you hop on the court or field, take 5-10 minutes to do this juicy yoga warm up!

Check it out right here, and leave me comment with how you feel afterwards!




Meet Dani!

dani I'm so excited to introduce to you my friend, Dani! She is such an inspiring runner and her passion for it exudes into all areas of her life.  She uses her beautiful gift and passion to truly make a difference in her own community, and that makes her presence so bright.  When are you doing what you love and letting that shape your community, it truly shines from your soul and people can't help but notice.

 Her Story:

Dani was born in Manhattan and has been chasing her dreams in NYC for the last 10 years! She is a second grade teacher at a public school on the upper west side, a Pilates instructor at Power Pilates in midtown east, an AADP certified holistic health coach/nutrition counselor, and a runner on the Central Park Track Club. As if she wasn't busy enough, she also is a Girls on the Run coach, a volunteer for Back on My Feet NYC (an organization that uses running as a tool to motivate people experiencing homelessness), and an essential community leader at lululemon athletica, 75th and Broadway.


What makes you shine? When do you glow?

Inspiring others to live a healthy, active lifestyle makes me shine. I glow when I hear stories from people who have bettered their lives exercise and eating healthy. I also glow when I make people laugh or smile. It feels so good to help other people realize their potential.

What do you LOVE to do? What is your passion?

I LOVE to run, it is my passion! There is nothing better then lacing up my sneakers and heading out for a solo run to clear my head or to meet running buddies for some miles and socializing. I love how running can be an individual and group sport at the same time. The best part about running is that it doesn't discriminate. Anyone can do it! I am also passionate about eating healthy, whole foods. Food is fuel. It is so important to put nutritious, real food into your body so it can thrive! I also love to dance because it is such a freedom of expression and it makes me feel free.

When are you the happiest?

I am happiest when I am taking care of my body by exercising, eating well, and getting enough sleep. I am also happiest when my friends and family are happy! Happiness is contagious :)

What inspires you?

My dreams inspire me! They keep me motivated and focused. My friends and family and friends also inspire me to work even harder because they are so amazing.


What is your big goal? Or one goal you would like to highlight?

I have many goals so it's hard to just pinpoint one, but for now I'd have to say that my big goal is to break 3:20 in the marathon distance (hopefully in 7 weeks at the Boston Marathon, ahh)! I have been chasing this goal for a few years and I WILL get there!

Who is your biggest influence?

My biggest influence is my mother. She is driven, hard working, intelligent, and goes after what she wants. She has always inspired me to be the best version of myself and to go after my dreams. My mom is my biggest supporter and has always been in my corner. I am so grateful and lucky to have her in my life.

leave your mark

Are YOU doing what you love? Does your soul shine?

Tell me what makes you glow in the comments!  Every week, I will be featuring a new soulshine[r] and telling their story.

Do you know someone who’s soul shines? Nominate them by leaving a comment below!



All Adventures are Possible


The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.

~Joseph Campbell

Adventure is out there.  And you can make your adventure a possibility and a reality.  I am so blessed because I have so many adventure seekers in my life-- pushing me, inspiring me, helping me make everything happen.  Mary Joe is my fearless friend who not only encourages me, but also goes after every adventure she can conjure up.

My latest adventure began yesterday as I moved into my new apartment in East Hampton.  Mary Joe joined me for a few days to help me get settled. I am so excited to have her on my blog this week speaking to the newest adventures in her life and all the adventure that is absolutely possible for you and yours.

Dreaming of adventure and amazing experiences is such a wonderful thing.  An even more wonderful thing is jumping into them and making them a reality.  Mary Joe and I are proof that adventures are possible.  I will be as so bold to say all adventures are possible.  If you want something or you want to be somewhere else, you have the power to make it happen.  Don't second guess it. Don't doubt yourself.  Don't make excuses. Just get out there and do it.  Plan it.  Make it real, and make the adventure happen.

I'm so excited to be living my newest adventure and it will be a joy to be blogging from the Hamptons this summer! I am also so excited to see all the amazing experiences Mary Joe has in San Diego, and beyond.

Mostly, I wish for you adventure... adventure in whatever form you dream.  If you desire a new experience, a new location, a new joy-- my challenge to you is to do something today to get you one step closer to your dream. Set a date. Buy that plane ticket.  Make it more real and go for it.  You will not regret it.

Enjoy every sweet spring moment this week!

All my joy,




PS~ See our cutie pic above?! Mary Joe and I had an amazing photoshoot in New York City with Amy Coady.  I am so excited to continue to share with you more of her beautiful photos.  Until then, check out her website and gorgeous photographs!

Giving Thanks Continuously


giving thanks

“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.” ― Emerson

Gratitude got me through the More/Fitness Half Marathon yesterday.  When I was on my "runner's high", I made a running list of everything little thing I was grateful for that helped make running the race possible.

My health, my good knees, my feet, my toes, my strong heart, my eye sight, my brain, my stomach....all the weird little things we rarely acknowledge.  I guess when you're running really far, you start to pay attention to everything in your body...everything little ache, pain, every little muscle.

So when the runners high was over around mile 10 and I was feeling nauseous, I just couldn't think about my body any more.  I could barely tell myself to put one foot in front of the other.  So I took the focus off my physical body, and started to think of all the people in my life who have impacted me, supported me, and believed in me.  The people who surprise me and come through for me when I need them the most.  The people who want me to succeed and want me to keep going (in life and in running).

I thought that last 5K would never end.  I thought at one point I was probably going to have to give up.  But gratitude got me through.

That's my challenge this week.  When the going is great and you feel wonderful--make a list of the things you're grateful for.  The stupid little things you never acknowledge, but actually make your life easier.  When the going is rough and you feel like giving up, stopping, dropping out--make a list of the people you're grateful for.  The people who carry you through, believe in you, and want you to keep going. Crazy me decided to film a video after the race! I only had my iPhone, so please forgive the terrible sound quality.  Check it out, and leave a comment with something your grateful for.

Have an amazing week and enjoy the spring weather!






These are the amazing gals I trained with. I am beyond grateful for them and their presence in my life!! SO proud of you girls!!559562_4545689881756_1824653366_n


How badly do you want it?


brick walls image

I hit a brick wall this week.  I wanted to quit.  You see, my friends and I have our half marathon coming up on Sunday.  On Friday, we went out for our last long run... a tough 12 miles around Central Park.  Around mile 10, I was starting to feel like quitting.  I was hungry, tired, and just sick of running up those treacherous hills in the park.

As my feet pounded the pavement, a quote popped into my head from my favorite book, The Last Lecture.

“The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. Because the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough. They’re there to stop the other people.”

-Randy Pausch

So there I was, running up that crazy, nonstop hill at 110th street, thinking to myself:

"Ok, Jenna...How badly do you want this? How badly do you want to complete your training strong and do this race?  How badly do you want to make it up this insane hill and feel proud, strong, and confident?"  I wanted it.  I want it badly enough to keep going, even though it hurt.

You can have it.  BUT, you have to want it.  And you have to want it bad.  From a relationship, to a job, to finally getting that Micheal Kors purse you've been salivating over--when you want something bad enough, you will find a way. 

I guess the question then is, how badly do you want it?

Check out this week's video for more insight and leave me a comment with your brick wall stories.

Have a great week!





5 fresh songs for your 5K

headphones brunettes women beach models nina dobrev running 1920x1200 wallpaper_wallpaperswa.com_66

Adding new music to my playlist always gets me pumped about hitting the pavement.  This is what’s new on my playlist as I dive into training for the MORE/Fitness Mag Women’s Half Marathon in New York City.

Check them out, then share a new song with me!

Turn Up the Love -- Far East Movement Stars 4-Ever -- Robyn* Dancing with tears in my eyes -- Ke$ha** Don’t Fail Me Now -- Melanie Amaro Shooting Stars -- Bag Raiders

*May cause spontaneous dancing

**Do not be deceived by the real singing on the versuses.  Once you get to the chorus, you realize it is indeed Ke$ha.

Hey Girl... Keep Running.


What are you training for this year?  I am SO excited to be running the 2013 MORE|Fitness Magazine Women's Half Marathon with some of my girlfriends!  I had a lot of fun playing with our training schedule and I thought I would share it with you!  If you click on the photo above it will enlarge and you can save it to your desktop.  Train along with us!

The training is taken from Hal Higdon's novice 1 marathon training program.  We are just stopping at 8 weeks:) This was the training schedule my friends and I used last fall to train for Grete's Great Gallop.  Here is a link to see the full training program!

Happy running!



PS~  Do you have any fun inspiration I can add to our training schedule??  Although... I don't think it can get any more inspiring than imagining Gosling at the finish line. ;)

Day Twenty Four---Christmas Eve!

Day Twenty Four–December Twenty Four--Christmas Eve!! #25DaysofChristmas #SweetSweatCountdown

Activity du jour: RUN to and through Penn Station!

I had such a busy Christmas Eve! I worked until 2pm and had to hurry to get a train at 2:40.  I changed into my Christmas Eve party outfit...and I felt like I was in a movie as I ran down Broadway in heels, lugging my suitcase, waving goodbye to friends and yelling "Merry Christmas!"

Then tried to navigate the subways with my suitcase. Have you ever tried to lug a suitcase through the NYC Subway system?? It is a workout like no other!! Finally made it to Penn Station... which is a war zone on Christmas Eve!

I was RUNNING to catch my heels... with my suitcase....dodging dozens of grandma's carrying tubes of wrapping paper and presents, kids wheeling suitcases, and no one looking where they're going.

I made it just in the nick of time! Collapsed into my seat and fell asleep.  When I woke up, snow had softly started to fall.

When we pulled up to the Lancaster station stop, the platform was covered in snow.  It was dark, quiet, and still... snow falling softly around me.  Just breath taking.  I couldn't help but squeal when I saw my little brother waiting for me.  It was one of those moments you wish you could freeze in time.

There's something so magical about Christmas Eve.  You believe in impossibilities, magic and miracles.  Your heart makes wishes and secret prayers you never knew you longed for.

This Christmas, I hope all of your secret wishes and dreams come true.

Enjoy the beauty.  Enjoy the magic. Believe in miracles.

xoxo, Jenna


Day Twenty Three, December Twenty Three

Day Twenty Three–December Twenty Three #25DaysofChristmas #SweetSweatCountdown

Activity du jour: LOVE NYC, run:)

I have an extreme love/hate relationship with this city.  One minute I'm yelling (talking sternly?) to an extremely pushy old Asian lady on the train (true story), and the next minute I'm in awe of people's kindness (thanks for not stealing my iPhone when I left it on the counter at my bank everyone).

Today, a friend at work said he has found a new relationship with gratitude.  And I thought that was beautifully profound.  As I ran along the Hudson this evening,  I decided I'd dedicate this run (the last in NYC til after Christmas) to just loving and being grateful for this incredible place I've found myself in.  There truly is no place like it.  It's the city where dreams come true, and also the city where new dreams are born.  It's a city of hope, of courage, and of community like none other. The people here constantly astound me...and are more kind than the movies let on (Word to travelers: get out of Times Square and in general, just walk a little faster...and I promise we will like you more and actually help you find your way:)).

Thanks for an amazing year, New York! I look forward to 2013 with you.

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve!

xoxo, Jenna

PS~ So I know you're dying to hear the story about me yelling at an old asian lady. So here goes... there are about 100 old asian ladies who get on my train during my commute to work.  One morning, this lady was pushing and pushing and pushing to squeeze everyone into the train. There was no more room. Not an inch...and I didn't appreciate the rather large man next to me being smushed into me.   I simply said quite sternly (yelled?), "We are NOT preschoolers! So please just STOP pushing!! There isn't any more room!".  And whatya know... she stopped...and I could drink my coffee in peace (smashed up against the window, of course).

Day Twenty One, December Twenty One

Day Twenty One–December Twenty One #25DaysofChristmas #SweetSweatCountdown

Activity du jour: Apocalypse run!!

While there were looming threats of the world's destruction today, I thought I'd take my chances with a quick run.  The only signs of destruction were inside out umbrellas....but they were EVERYWHERE.  Piles of them down my street.

Maybe what the Mayan's meant by "apocalypse" was really just an exaggerated way of saying: "it's going to be a really windy day that day. Watch out...your favorite umbrella may break."

Totally anticlimactic.

...But I'm ok with that:)

xoxo, Jenna

Day Nineteen, December Nineteen

Day Nineteen–December Nineteen #25DaysofChristmas #SweetSweatCountdown

Activity du jour:  "Cheers to '12" Run

After our roommate Christmas, Mary Joe and I ran one last time through our neighborhood before she jetted out of NYC.  This girl is headed to LA for the New Year, running a marathon in Arizona in February, and performing in Footloose after that. We spent the run reminiscing 2012, talking goals for '13, sharing lessons learned and hopes for the future.  What a lucky thing it is to have such inspiring friends!

What goals are you excited about for the new year?

xoxo, Jenna


Day Eighteen, December Eighteen

Day Eighteen–December Eighteen #25DaysofChristmas #SweetSweatCountdown

Activity du jour: Stocking run!!

My roommate and I walked out of our rooms in matching socks today...and decided this run was our stocking run! We ran 5.5 miles through Sunnyside and Astoria, Queens...and ended up taking off our jackets around mile two.  Why is it 50 degrees when Christmas is in a week??

No idea.

Make sure to hang your stocking this week!;)

xoxo, Jenna

PS~ I don't recommend hydrating with egg nog... or wine.  I got home from Flywheel last night, and the girls and I had a bit of wine. Many cramps, many weird pains during the run this morning...

Day Sixteen, December Sixteen

Day Sixteen–December Sixteen #25DaysofChristmas #SweetSweatCountdown

Activity du jour: Snowflake run!

Had it been 12 degrees colder, we would've been running in snow! Instead, it was very, very wet.  My friend Alli and I ran down 5th Avenue from 85th street to 58th Street...where the largest snowflake is suspended in midair! Gawked at the window displays at Bergdorf Goodman, and the lights down 58th Street. Then we looped around the block and ran back up 5th Ave (Alli likes the creepy mist and creepy trees at night), then switched over to Madison Ave (I like the pretty lights and pretty window displays).

It was close to a 4 mile run, but they flew by (even in the rain)! Running with friends is seriously the best:)

xoxo, Jenna


Day 12, December 12 = 12/12/12!

Day Twelve–December Twelve #25DaysofChristmas #SweetSweatCountdown

Activity du jour: 12 miles!!!!! 6miles at 12 midnight and 6 miles at 12 noon!

This was insanity. But we decided we couldn't let the date go by without doing something crazy. We started at 11:40 both times, so we would be out and about by 12 midnight/noon and 12:12 both times.  Here was our route:

Our midnight run was amazing.  I have some pretty stellar friends because we had a BLAST running around the upper west side, yelling to the world that it was 12/12/12. We scared quite a few people, but actually got a lot of people excited about the fun date and time!  Here! Re-live our midnight run with us:

Dinosaurs outside the Museum of Natural History!:

Mary Joe pretending she's a mannequin...


12:00 Midnight on 12/12/12 running down Central Park West!!:

Here is us at EXACTLY 12:12 midnight on 12/12/12 running in Columbus Circle!:

Then we ran into a really funny guy who was so excited for us and our adventure that he took a group photo of us with this crazy santa.  We started running away and I yelled back: "Thanks for not stealing my iPhone!!!" and he let out the loudest santa claus laugh!! We were so happy:)

Midnight run success!

Then MJ and I had to head home... which took longer than our actual run ( we got home after 2am...) and were so wide awake that we watched Elf. (If you want to stay up all night, run six miles at midnight. It's like drinking 6 cups of coffee.) we slept a bit, woke up, had coffee and BAM: here we are at 11:40am


We ran from Sunnyside to Astoria and here we are at 12 noon!! (sleepiest eyes in America.)

Look at these funny baked santas we saw?! (they had creepy faces like mine):

Then we attacked some poor girl at 12:11 to wait with us a minute to take a photo of us at 12:12.  She was awesome. Look at the little one minute photoshoot she did for us at exactly 12:12 on 12/12/12:

Thank you random, unsuspecting girl!!

We ran on ward getting ever closer to the 12 mile mark.  A favorite donut shop happened to be at mile 11, and the donut man gave us donuts for free because of our awesome endeavor! I present MJ running with donuts at mile 11:


SO we did it!! We ran 12 miles on 12/12/12 and were running at 12 midnight, 12:12am, 12 noon, and 12:12pm.  My friend Ali said something so wise right before our midnight run.  I was thanking these incredible girls for helping me tackle this crazy goal of mine, and Ali said something along the lines of: If we didn't support each other in reaching our goals, would we ever get any where? And it's so true.  I am so beyond grateful for the dozens of people who support me through the craziest goals I can come up with...and I would never be able to tackle any of them if it weren't for the people in my life who believe in me.   So thanks, friends:)

Anyway, we are TIRED. haha. So the plan is to end 12/12/12 with 12 mini cupcakes from Baked by Melissa (they are the size of quarters), wine and the Christmas episode of New Girl. Great success and good night!

xoxo, Jenna


PS- Here's a little gem from last night.  My post run santa hat hair, which reminded us of Kristen Wiig on SNL:




Day Ten, December Ten

Day Ten–December Ten #25DaysofChristmas #SweetSweatCountdown

Activity du jour: Christmas Tree Run!!

I love that New York City has SO many Christmas trees everywhere.  I thought it would be so fun to do a Christmas Tree Run and hit all the major trees, plus a few extras along the way.  My friend Ali joined me and this was how it all went down!:

Start: 75th Street and Broadway

Down the Street for a quick stop at Trader Joe's:

Then we ran over to Central Park West, and ran down and across Central Park South (where a horse drawn carriage driver yells out: Rapunzel! Rapunzel!) Quick stop at the Plaza:

Then across 59th Street to the Bloomberg Building, where David the Security Guard caught me under the mistletoe:

and we saw their awesome Christmas tree in their courtyard!  (the lights are so blinding in person!)

Then we had to weave in and out of thousands of people trying to head downtown to the Rockefeller Center! We ended up at Radio City just as a show was letting out and hundreds of people flooded the streets. Eventually, we made it to the most famous Christmas Tree of all! Rockefeller Center:

We continued to fend off the crowds as we tried to make it to Bryant Park. We passed this little cluster of trees on Park Ave (which is completely  lined with Christmas trees):

Then we FINALLY made it to our last tree!! The Bryant Park tree-- which you can actually stand underneath! and this little angel wanted in on the fun:

Then we ran a few blocks south (again, to get away from the people), ran all the way west to Tenth Ave and set our sights North to 75th and Broadway!!

What a great success! Thanks to my gal, Ali, for such a fun run (despite the many many tourists).

xoxo, Jenna

PS... I found this in my camera roll afterwards from our random photographer at the Bloomberg building:

Day Eight, December Eight

Day Eight–December Eight #25DaysofChristmas #SweetSweatCountdown

Activity du jour: Jingle Bell Jog in Brooklyn!

The only thing better than the sound of jingle bells, is the sound of thousands of them on a quiet, foggy Saturday morning rising up from the middle of Prospect Park.

I just knew it was going to be an awesome day when I hopped in a cab and my driver laughed and said, "This is fun...where to, Miss Santa?"  Then he told me he had no idea where to drop me off, but that once we got to the park I could probably follow the other santas in costume. "There will be thousands", he said.

Running a race is amazing in and of its self...but add in jingle bells, crazy costumes, and red & green bagels and you've got a perfect recipe for thousands of stupidly happy people.  I haven't even mentioned the hot chocolate and Christmas music.

Would I run the race again?? Der... you don't even have to ask.  All you need to wonder about is my costume for next year:)

xoxo, Jenna

PS~ Did I mention I was offered  a job a mile into the race?


Check out the New York Road Runners and race details here!: