Feel fresh from the inside out

  •  Start your day with a cup of hot water, lemon juice & honey. It hydrates you, wakes you up and cleanses your organs.
  • Eat clean. Eat fresh.  For a few days, eliminate processed foods.  Eat delicious whole foods like veggies, proteins, nuts and fruits! Processed food can weigh us down.  Try eating clean and see how much better you feel!
  • Let go of what's happened over the last few months.  Maybe you've had a very stressful, difficult winter.  Maybe you have some relationship troubles, or someone is driving you crazy.  Try to release any tension from the last few months. Start new today.
  • Declutter!! I have been going wild with this one.  I've been clearing out old clothes, jewelry, books I haven't used in years! It feels sooo fantastic to clear that space.  Get rid of the excess.  Simplicity is beauty & ease.
  • Open the windows. Do yoga.  My studio has a beautiful cross breeze that just feels glorious.  Fling open those window and hop into ardha chandrasana.  Soak in the fresh feelings.

How do you get yourself feeling fresh?  Share with me in the comments! I'd love to give it a try!