Be the love.

Some days you will feel tired. Some days you will want to stay in bed. And try as much as you can, you won't budge. Some days you will think what you're doing doesn't matter-- that you don't matter, that all your efforts are going unseen -- or worse being seen and criticized. Some days you will want to give up, Stop trying, Do something easier, Tune out---

Don't. Tune IN. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Feel your heart beat. Feel the life and energy swirling within you. You are here. You are needed. You matter. What you are doing matters.   Take a deep breath and fill your spirit with your inner strength--- your inner strength to love when love isn't being returned, to see with eyes of compassion when compassion isn't being given to you, and to continue with your work when it goes unseen or unappreciated.  This is the work and this is the practice. The more you tune in... The more you realize what is at the core of who you are and what is REALLY going on here-- the more you are able to endure, to be present fully, and to shine in very dark places. Because what's really going on here is just a call for love. You need love. They need love. The world needs love. The bottom line is always love.

Be the love. Be the light-- in every situation, in every moment.