The Secret to Living Your Dream Life

the secret to living your dream life You are on the brink of something wild and full of heart.  As you continue to connect to your true desires and dream in a fearless way--you start to wake up this magic inside of you.

This is the secret to living the life of your dreams:

There is a magic that is nestled in the heart of your dreams. Your wild desire is filled to the brim with you.  It's made of that spark in your soul.  And that spark is about to start a fire.

Let it.

Dive deep into your soul and learn what's possible for you.  {everything. anything.}  You are a gleaming light, a spark of the divine, a child of God.  Anything is possible for you and for your life.  The more you journey inwards, the more your heart will be illuminated with this truth.  Let your past be in the past.  Kick it to the curb and don't let it stop you from taking a new step forward today.  Start today and know that all possibilities are waiting for you.  Open your arms. Open your heart.  Open your soul.  Receive all that goodness.

Be bold.  Dream audaciously.  Far fetched, can this actually happen?  Scary {but exciting}, heart pumping, palms sweating.  This is your life.  Why not try something wild? Why not try an adventure? Why not leave tomorrow and go to Bali? Why not quit your job to start your own business? If nothing {absolutely nothing} was holding you back, what would you do? What would you attempt? What would you risk?  Risk it all.  Try it all.  Go for it and don't look back.  This is your moment.  This is your life.

Make it yours. Make it beautiful. Make your mark.

Get into action. Get things moving.  Make the call. Send the email. Don't stop until you get that response.  Don't stop until you've made it there.  Book your flight.  Write your letter of resignation.  Create it.  Paint it. Write it.  Tell someone. {Tell anyone}.  Do something. Do anything. Just get moving. 

It's as simple as that. 

Live in possibility.  Be audacious.  Take action. 

Your call to action

I want nothing more than for you to live the life you dream of and that you imagine.  I fully believe that when a soul is living her dreams, she is fulfilling her purpose on this earth.  Your dream is SO powerful and so huge.  You need to be doing that thing that you dream of doing!

Would the world be better without Meryl Streep?! NO! Absolutely not. We need her to be the amazing actress that she is! We also need YOU to step up and be the amazing person that you are and to work your buns off to get to your dream.

Illuminate 2015 is your first opportunity to take some serious action and to get super clear about your life's purpose.  This amazing 4 week experience will take you on a journey through all aspects of your life.  You will live in possibility.  You will think audaciously and you will take action.

There are only a few days left to join the course at the early bird rate.  After that, it will jump up to $199 USD.   Girl, save yourself some moolah and join today!

Click here to join the course now & save.

I know that everything beautiful is waiting for you in life.  I know, deep down, your journey is your own and you will learn the things you need when you need them.  I am so happy to be a part of that journey in the smallest way possible! {In your inbox, each week :) }

Joining Illuminate 2015 will only add another degree of accountability, clarity, and momentum towards your dream life and I do hope you'll join us soon!

Open your heart this week to all possibilities and dare to dream wildly! To living on the wild side of life,


Crafting your personal mission in this world

My philosophy and straight up passion is this idea of "Soul Shine".  That we have a VERY specific set of talents and when they all come together, we can rock this world and change it for good.  Yogis would call this your unique Dharma or path.  When you are living from the center of your dharma, you've got it.  Things come together and you are on fire! You are making waves and people start to sit up straight and pay attention.  Things flow and you are in the zone.  It's a rare thing these days because we are told over and over,  'You can be, do and have ANYTHING!" And while that is truer than ever, you're not meant to be, do and have everything.  You are meant to be wholly, 100% you.  You are meant to channel ALL of your gifts, because hello! That's a MAJOR clue from the universe that this is your path.  If you're good at it, do more of it! Yesterday, I was caught up in the world of Youtube and discovered a women who is living 100 million percent from the center of her dharma. She is on fire.

Have you heard of Robyn O'Brien? This woman is outstanding.  She has taken her talents and background as a former financial and food industry analyst, and is now using it to charge forward and confront what's happening in our food system in this country.  Her passion is undeniable and you can tell that with every ounce of who she is she has found her path and purpose.  Her soul is shining bright and clear! I encourage you to watch her talk with Marianne Williamson entitled Food, Wellness and Politics.  Her talk is about 30 minutes of the 2 hour discussion.  Think of it as a soul study.  Study her ease. Study her passion. Study her pure inner wisdom that knows this is her souls work.  It's truly remarkable.

Wouldn't you love to be so on fire with a passion for change and to live every day utilizing your gifts for the betterment of our world?

No worries--you totally can! Here's a little exercise to get your soul working towards your dharma.

Grab yourself a piece of paper and pen. (I'm serious, don't just do this in your head.)

Answer the following questions:

Who are you? (This isn't a trick question...literally, what is your name?)

What do you love to do?

Who do you do those things for? (Or who could you do those things for?)

What do those people need or want?

How do they change or transform as a result of what you gave them?

Then put it all together.  Here is an example:

My name is Jenna Raynell. I love to inspire and teach yoga to young women who need direction, inspiration, and confidence. As a result of my teaching, these women feel empowered to take action, shine brightly, and live from the center of their soul.

And there you have it! Your dharma, your passion, your project and purpose in this world.  Of course, it is continually evolving and growing just as you are continually growing and evolving.  But with that, I have the mission statement of my life.  I can easily make decisions about careers, activities, and volunteer work by running it through my mission statement filter.  If it's in alignment with my statement, it's a go!

Need help crafting your mission statement? Ready to share it with the world? Leave me a comment below! I'd love to help you out and hear your beautiful soul's mission on this earth!

To living and letting your soul shine!





How to Awaken your Inner Treasure Trove

photo (1) Rubies, Sapphires, Diamonds, Gold.  Valuable beyond compare. Precious. Sparkling.  You have all these sparkling goodies housed right inside yourself---except they take the form of your passions, purpose, talents, and possibilities.  Your treasure trove is just waiting and begging you to awaken it and share it with the world.  So how do you do that? How do you bring forth your passion? How do you awaken your purpose? How do you share your talents and live life in sweet possibility?

Here are 5 quick tips to Awaken your inner treasure house:

1. You must recognize how critical this is. Your treasure trove is sacred. Your passions, talents and individual purpose is needed and needed badly by the world.  Your design is specific.  Your particular blend of talents is so unique that the world depends upon you harnessing them for the betterment of your community.

2. Make a LOVE LIST. Assess your talents. What comes naturally to you? What feels like play? What makes you light up? What would you do all day long if money were no issue? This can be a combination of many things! I love music, and inspiration, and yoga, and community, and social media, and singing, and spirituality!  Multiple different talents that all blend together into my beautiful career.  So make your LOVE LIST. What would you LOVE to do every day? What would you LOVE to spend your time on?

3.  How can I use my LOVE LIST in service of others? How can I uplift and be of service?  Our talents were design for us specifically, but they weren't designed to be kept to ourselves. Share them and share them generously!  Your treasure trove has the power to heal, inspire, guide, and bless so many people.  Give it away! What you give away, you receive back ten fold.  Do not hesitate to be generous.

4. Do it full out. Live every day from the center of your calling every day.  Live from your place of passion, live from the heart of your purpose, share your talents.  Don't shrink back. Don't hide.  Fully embody your passion & calling all the time.  It is your greatest responsibility to live from the center of your treasure trove.

5. Be open to new possibilities that arise from living full out.  Expect miracles to happen naturally. Things will start to happen. You will sparkle. You will glow. You will meet people. You will be offered dream opportunities. Be open.  Say yes to those things that align beautifully and perfectly with your treasure trove. "When you bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen." - Thoreau

You are beautiful, sparkling, radiant, and glowing.  Let out all of that beautiful and light into the world!

What is on your love list? Leave me comment below and tell me how you will use that in service of the world!






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5 Tips to turn your Creative Inspiration into Productivity

Oh hey there sweet soul!

I'll be honest with you--this summer was a liiiittle cray -cray.  I absolutely LOVE summer, especially summers in my (new!) beautiful home in Amagansett, NY.  But I have felt a little bit...wild these days.  Wild in an amazing, inspired, awesome way. So many beautiful, shiny souls fell into my lap and I've been teach yoga ocean side all summer.  Add in my regular yoga, coaching, AND all the awesome music gigs my BF and I have been doing--it's enough to make a girl a little nuts (in a good way!).

I am so, so, sooo grateful for such extraordinary opportunities.  Here's the thing:  When I'm out doin' what I do and loving life, I am STRUCK by inspiration ---at. every. moment!

So imagine the craziest thunderstorm---

lightening inspiration!

Photo courtesy of SK-y Photography(CC Attribution)

< That was my brain on inspiration- fire all summer long! 

I have had idea, after idea, after idea. I've registered THREE new domain names for business ideas.  I'm constantly making notes in my phone and on any paper i can find.  I've written up an outline to a live workshop AND an ecourse. I've considered rebranding my whole business.  I have been in creativity, inspiration overload! Have you ever felt like this?

Well, thankfully I have found a way to harness that wild energy into something productive. Here are five simple tips to get you OUT of the inspiration thunderstorm and INTO inspired action.

5 Tips to turn your Creative Inspiration into Productivity

1.  Get it all out.

Whip out that journal and start writing. Write down all of your ideas--all of the wild inspiration that's running around in your head, reel it in! Give yourself a solid 10 minutes with no distractions to just write and let your brain dump everything onto paper.  You won't be worried about forgetting anything and your mind will feel a lot clearer and calm.

2.  Breathe Deeply.

After you've finished your inspiration brain dump, just take 3 minutes to sit quietly and breathe deeply.  As a yoga teacher, I see the AMAZING benefits of taking the time to breathe deeply every day. It calms your entire central nervous system and gives your brain a break. After that crazy storm in your head, you need it! Set a timer, and start breathin baby.

3. Revisit your journal.

Take a look at all the ideas you wrote down.  What makes you excited? Where do you find the most inspiration to get into action? Where is the adventure? What tugs at your inner intuition? What makes your heart sing a bit?  Circle the three ideas that jump out the most to you.  

4. Let go.

Grab a new piece of paper and write out those three ideas again.  Which of those three seems the most feasible to you where you are right now? I'm not saying you can't eventually do all three. As Oprah says:

So narrow your list down. Cross out the one that is going to take you a few years to build.  What is the ONE thing that you could work on today or this week, or even this month and find great success.  Your brain, your body, your spirit can only hold so much at once. If you work on one thing, instead of 2, or 3, (or 10!) you will have more time and energy and SUCCESS in getting it done. 

5. Kick it into high gear, girlfriend!

Now that you've selected your one brilliant, light beam of an idea, get going! Get into action. What can you do today to get yourself closer to accomplishing that goal? What do you need to do to see it fulfilled?  Set yourself up for success right at the beginning and make a plan for how you will get it done. 

What is your #1 priority that you selected? Tell me in the comments! I would love to track your progress. You have a creative, passionate and beautiful soul.  I am excited to see what you create and how that will influence the world around you! I'm so excited for you!

So much love & well wishes,


PS- Here's a mini-vaca to my sweet, soulful town one day after a REAL thunderstorm! Enjoy!;)

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How to Keep Momentum Moving Towards your Goals.

Hey Soulful Goal-getter!

Excited about goals

Photo courtesy of thephotographymuse(CC Attribution)

I know you are wildly passionate and excited about all of your big, beautiful dreams. You’ve worked so freakin’ hard and have come so far!   You inspire the people around you to tackle their dreams and to live a life they love.

But what happens when the momentum slows down and you feel like you’re back pedaling? What happens when you feel like you’re not moving any more? You’re stuck in a little rut.

Don’t worry--it happens to even the most ambitious of wide-eyed, goal-setting dreamers!

I’ve come up with three easy tips to keep your momentum moving and your spirits flying high. Here we go!

How to Keep Momentum Moving towards your Goals:

 1. Breathe deeply. 

When things slow down in your fast paced, goal-driven world, tension in your brain starts to rise.  Take a few moments to sit quietly and just breathe.  Breathing in deeply for 4 counts and exhaling for 4 counts.  Do this for at least 5 minutes.  Soon, you’ll feel your central nervous system begin to chill out and your mood begin to relax--a much better state to be groovin’ in as you tackle your dreams and chase your inspiring goals!

2. Trust yourself. 

Kick back and have a little faith.  Often times we start to freak out because we think we’ve lost control over what’s happening with our goals.  Trust that you have put in an incredible amount of excellent work, and believe that you are like an arrow. You have to be pulled back and held in tension before you spring forward and hit your goal target with expert precision.  Go ahead---channel your inner Katniss! (And have you seen the new trailer?!)

Hit your goals with precision

3. Get into action. 

No matter how small, do one thing every day to bring you one step closer to your goal.  Build your own forward movement. Get the ball rolling. Make that phone call. Send that email. Create content for your site. Schedule some social media posts. Anything you can to send a message to the universe that you mean business and you’re not giving up because of a little lag time.

goal setting

So there you have it! Three simple ways to get you moving in the direction of your inspiring dreams and to target your goal with arrow-like precision. You’ve got this;)

What’d ya think? How do you keep your momentum rolling? What goals are you working on this summer? Leave me a comment below and share your pro tips with the group!


jenna raynell

Need help getting clear about your goals and getting into action? Schedule a Soul Session with me and I'll help you get your goals out of your heart and into action;)

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Yoga for Allergies

I Heart Pollen !

Photo courtesy of brookenovak(CC Attribution)

Yoga for Allergies

Phew! Am I feelin the pollen this week or what! 

I've been sneezing and stuffy because the beautiful oak tree outside my window is just sprinkling its pollen EVERYWHERE. Looking every which way to stop these symptoms, I found a few yoga poses in my research that actually help alleviate seasonal allergy symptoms. The best ones--inversions!

I love practicing my inversions--outside, on the beach, next to my bed, in the grass-- and they also help alleviate symptoms like post nasal drip, sinus congestion, and sneezing.  Inversions help to open up the upper respiratory tract, making room for fresh air to flow through.

Here are the top three inversions to get your sinuses clear and open so you can enjoy the sweet day ahead of you! 

1. Handstand

(Adho Mukha Vrksasana)

minerals added for taste

Photo courtesy of Evil Erin(CC Attribution)

2. Forearm Stand

(Pincha Mayurasana)

yoga fore arm stand

3. Shoulder Stand

(Salamba Sarvangasana)

shoulder stand

I've been playing with a pose a day to keep things fresh and just to have fun:)  After you've warmed up, try to incorporate a new pose into your routine daily! With each of these, make sure you are aware of your skill level and honor your body and personal limitations. Ask your yoga teacher to help you with each pose and to recommend props to help you get into the safest possible. 

Questions? Please ask!  Leave me comment--and let me know if you're breathing clearer and feeling some allergy relief!

Enjoy this sweet season:)



How do you want to feel?

Picture your dream life. 

In that life, how do you want to feel?

When your eyes flutter open every morning-- how do you want to feel?

As you go throughout your day-- how do you want to feel?

When your working, doing your job-- how do you want to feel?

In your community-- how do you want to feel?

When you step into your home-- how do you want to feel?

In your relationships-- how do you want to feel?

As your day winds down and you crawl into bed-- how  do you want to feel?

What does it feel like to live your dream life?


how do you want to feel?


The things you continuously dwell on rush rapidly into your life.  The more your desires and dreams are fueled by positive emotions, the faster you bring them into your life.  Spend your thoughtful energy on the good things you truly want. Create a map for yourself.  Let yourself be inspired.  Declare to yourself, to the universe, to God what it is you wish for and desire.

Focus on the beauty.  Focus on the positive.  Focus on feelings of love and joy and peace.  All those good things you want-- want you too.

Let them in.



In love,





Choose Happiness

choose Daily routines are something we don't think much of, but when you really get down to it---they make all the difference.  Hating your schedule, hating your commute, hating the traffic, hating the line at your slower than necessary Starbucks.  All these little things add up to one big thing: your life.

What if I said you chose all of that?  The line, the commute, the schedule, the traffic.  You chose it.

Before you go getting mad at little 'ole Jenna, think about it with me.  If you are doing nothing to change it, you are choosing it.  You are accepting it.  You are agreeing with it.

The moment you decide it is not what you want, and you take action to change it, you will be one step closer to your ideal life.  A life you really love.  It is the same with the good in your life.  All the good, beautiful, lovely things in your life--you chose.  You desired them and brought them into your life.  You continue to keep them in your life until you choose something else.

I just made a HUGE change in my daily routine, which has already made all the difference in my daily happiness, peace, and pure joy.  Want to choose all that good stuff too?

Check out this week's video to get the full scoop. 

Choose happiness.  Choose to live in peace.  Choose to live a life you really love and really enjoy being a part of every day.  That could be the best choice you ever make.

Take action today by leaving a comment with one thing you desire to change. Then go and change it!! Your small (or big!) action will inspire change in others.

All my joy,




photo credit: Amy Coady  



My Bigger Problem

bigger problem


I have a really big problem.

Good news is, I'm choosing to have a big problem because I'm tired of all the little problems in my life!  Last week, I met a funny woman named Cathy.  She said if I want all my problems to go away, to pick a bigger world problem and focus on making that right.  That will make all your other problems go away.

So that's what I've done.  I've created a huge problem that inspires me to create an amazing possibility for the world.  I see so many women shrinking back when it comes to their dreams.  The problem is that I see an entire world of women believing their dreams are not possible and doing absolutely nothing to change that.

If only you knew how extraordinary you are! If only you knew the amazing potential you have within you. I see this amazing possibility of a world where women of all ages attack their dreams with unreasonable devotion.  Can you imagine such a place? Imagine the creations, the hopes, the artwork, the beauty, the families, the music, the inventions, the pure happiness.

I want to live in that world!!

Check out my video to learn more about what I'm up to as I begin living and breathing this possibility for the world.  And tell me, what bigger problem do you want to see changed in the world?  You have so much to offer and I fully believe you can change the world for good.

I'm off to finish my packing for East Hampton! Enjoy your day free of tiny problems.

All my joy,




Comedy and Life

comedy and life

"Perfect is boring."  ~Tina Fey

I love to try to new things.  When I first moved to New York City, I tried Improv at the UCB theatre.  As I was in class, I learned so much more about myself and life than one would expect.  Improvisors are fearless risk takers, who aren't afraid to look stupid.  They will agree with you, but challenge you, and they start fresh every day.

I met up with musical improvisor, Hannah Solow, to delve into this a little bit more.  Hannah performs with her team, Fancy Mantelpiece, all over New York City, and studies at the Upright Citizen's Brigade.  What's she learned from her experiences?

Don't be a bystander in your own life.  If you want something, make it happen.

Are you standing back and not taking charge of your life?

You won't want to miss my interview with Hannah.  Leave a comment and then, of course, we have a lot of outtakes which you will want to see.

Thank you and enjoy your week!




PS-- Check out Hannah on twitter! So. Funny. @HamsterTalk

Giving Thanks Continuously


giving thanks

“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.” ― Emerson

Gratitude got me through the More/Fitness Half Marathon yesterday.  When I was on my "runner's high", I made a running list of everything little thing I was grateful for that helped make running the race possible.

My health, my good knees, my feet, my toes, my strong heart, my eye sight, my brain, my stomach....all the weird little things we rarely acknowledge.  I guess when you're running really far, you start to pay attention to everything in your body...everything little ache, pain, every little muscle.

So when the runners high was over around mile 10 and I was feeling nauseous, I just couldn't think about my body any more.  I could barely tell myself to put one foot in front of the other.  So I took the focus off my physical body, and started to think of all the people in my life who have impacted me, supported me, and believed in me.  The people who surprise me and come through for me when I need them the most.  The people who want me to succeed and want me to keep going (in life and in running).

I thought that last 5K would never end.  I thought at one point I was probably going to have to give up.  But gratitude got me through.

That's my challenge this week.  When the going is great and you feel wonderful--make a list of the things you're grateful for.  The stupid little things you never acknowledge, but actually make your life easier.  When the going is rough and you feel like giving up, stopping, dropping out--make a list of the people you're grateful for.  The people who carry you through, believe in you, and want you to keep going. Crazy me decided to film a video after the race! I only had my iPhone, so please forgive the terrible sound quality.  Check it out, and leave a comment with something your grateful for.

Have an amazing week and enjoy the spring weather!






These are the amazing gals I trained with. I am beyond grateful for them and their presence in my life!! SO proud of you girls!!559562_4545689881756_1824653366_n


How to Set Audacious Goals



Sometimes when we are setting goals, it is really easy to go for something we absolutely, 100% know we can achieve.  We LIKE being successful, and we like being able to check things off our list.

Lauralea joined me (on the top of a  skyscraper) in the Flatiron District to show you how being audacious will change your life.




This year, Lauralea set a goal of registering 250 voters before the election. She became a volunteer deputy voter registrar in Houston and went to events and created her own run event called "Run for President 2012."

She didn't meet her goal, but ended up registering voters in TX, NY, NJ, and Pennsylvania. She ended up getting different amazing experiences than what she had originally planned, and met some great people along the way!

(UPDATE: Lauralea has decided to re-tackle the goal again for the 2014 elections!)







When I think back to all the goals I have set for myself, the ones that really impacted my life were the ones I wasn't sure I could actually accomplish.  In fact, they terrified me and I was almost certain it would be near impossible to accomplish.  I had the goal of becoming Miss Pennsylvania and then Miss America.  I wasn't sure I would ever make that a reality.  I never did become Miss Pennsylvania, but I came close and the experience changed my life forever.

Now I have Miss Pennsylvania and Miss America on my resume of failures... which is pretty awesome if you ask me. :)




What goals do you have set for yourself? Are they big enough?  Scary enough?

Leave a comment below, especially if you need some help getting your goal from "do-able" to "audacious" !


Get after those goals,


PS~ Did someone say bloopers on a skyscraper?!  Make sure to watch to the end of the video!



A Love Letter and A Love Story.


Inspired by a true evening.


Dear you,

What a lovely evening I had tonight!  Let me paint you the picture.   It was an unusually warm winter evening in New York and fog and mist seemed to be everywhere. My parents and my goddaughter.  My brother, his wife.  Family in from Sydney and Rome.  Laughing, squealing babies. So many of us gathered for my goddaughter’s baptism.

Early in the evening, my parents and I hopped out of our cab and walked into the Church of Our Savior in midtown.  Just as we walked through the doors and peered around, a funny, spunky woman was on her way out the door. She talked to us.

Beautiful church, isn’t it? I was married here and had my reception just across the street on the rooftop.

She pointed at a gorgeous building across Park Avenue. She continued on.

It was a beautiful day.  75 people. Just the people I love the most. That’s all you need.  Nobody needs a date you’re never going to see again.  Remember that. Just the people you love.  I waited a long time to get married.  But I wanted to marry the right person.  I watched all my friends get married to people they weren’t quite right for and they either ended up divorced or I watch them now,  just going through the motions.... and what I have is passion.  Real love.  And my husband is amazing.  I sometimes wake up and look at him and wonder how I found him and how he found me.  I couldn’t have asked for a better man.

She pointed right at me.

Wait for the right one.  It will be so worth it.

And with that she dipped her hands in holy water, crossed herself, and marched out the door.  Her words haunted me the rest of the evening, and I wondered about you.

As I held my goddaughter during her baptism, I wondered about us and our first little peanut.  What would it be like with you standing there with me?  I wondered about your faith, your optimism, your hope.  I wondered how we would encourage each other, and encourage that precious peanut when (s)he arrives.

At dinner, I looked around and saw candles, flowers, white French cabinet doors; my dad holding my pea of a niece and my cheeks warm from the Pinot noir.  I sat there, full from the deliciousness of the night and hoping it could last forever.

I thought of you then. I imagined you smiling at me smiling at the beauty of the event.

A cab ride later, I'm walking to down Broadway to Park Bar just off Union Square.  My friends have all gathered to wish a dear friend Bon voyage on her new life in Spain. So much warmth, noise and laughter.

You cross my mind again.  I imagine what your laugh must sound like, certain it will soon be my favorite noise.

I steal away from the crowds and the wine and start to walk home.  It is late in the evening and 5th avenue is so still and so quiet. The sidewalks glisten from rain, and steam rises up from the pavement. I look up and see misty clouds encircling the tip of the bright Empire State Building. Fairy lights drape over the trees that line the avenue.

I reflect on the gorgeous moment, the gorgeous New York evening.  Every breath was beautiful. Every second so precious and suspended in time.

I think of you one more time.  You were the only one missing.  Your hand squeezing my shoulder at dinner.  Your laughter filling the bar.  Your hand in mine strolling the avenues at midnight.  You would have been perfection.

Hurry up and get here.  I don't want you missing another moment so perfect, so beautiful, so breathtaking.  My secret prayer is that we will have a million more nights like this one... just together.  Except the picture will change a little.  I’ll be like the spunky lady at the church, telling a random young girl and her parents about the once in a lifetime love I’ve found in you. But until then, I’ll  just wait.  And it will be worth it.

All my love, Jenna



Hey Girl... Keep Running.


What are you training for this year?  I am SO excited to be running the 2013 MORE|Fitness Magazine Women's Half Marathon with some of my girlfriends!  I had a lot of fun playing with our training schedule and I thought I would share it with you!  If you click on the photo above it will enlarge and you can save it to your desktop.  Train along with us!

The training is taken from Hal Higdon's novice 1 marathon training program.  We are just stopping at 8 weeks:) This was the training schedule my friends and I used last fall to train for Grete's Great Gallop.  Here is a link to see the full training program!

Happy running!



PS~  Do you have any fun inspiration I can add to our training schedule??  Although... I don't think it can get any more inspiring than imagining Gosling at the finish line. ;)