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Are you a Yoga Teacher, Healer, or Fitness Professional? 

Do you want to reach more people with your purposeful work? 

Do you want to earn more money doing what you love?

 or turn your fitness hobby into a full time job?

Are you overwhelmed by the online world of Social Media & creating a brand for your business? 


I invite you to join the Lightworker's Club! 

I've created this free community to support my own community of yoga teachers, healers & fitness professionals because the work you do is so important and it must reach more people!  I was able to quit my desk job within 4 months of completing my Yoga Teacher Training because I was able to leverage the power of social media to build a strong brand & reach more people.  

In the Lightworker's Club, I teach you all about how to create a strong social media presence, gain more followers, & create a business that not only supports your life, but is one that you truly love. 

When you join the club today,

I'm gifting you three digital master classes {FOR FREE}! 


Social Media Master Class: Getting Your Biz Started Online

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In this master class you will learn: 

  • How you can begin to generate more income when you use social media correctly

  • Why social media is critical for your yoga business

  • What social media channels you MUST be using regularly

  • How I regularly attract new followers 

  • The number one mistake you're making on your website & how to fix it

  • My top Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, & Twitter tips


Instagram for Yogis Masterclass

In this master class you will learn: 

  • How I regularly attract new followers on Instagram

  • What Apps I use to make my posts more beautiful & eye catching

  • How to create beautiful promotions that actually work

  • What to post on Instagram & when

  • How you can create a beautiful profile with your best photos

  • My top Instagram tips


Turn Your Passion into Passive Income


In this master class you will learn:

  • Why passive income is critical for your yoga/pilates business

  • How to assess your work and decide how it can be easily packaged into a digital format

  • How to turn your passion into simple E-books you can sell

  • How to double your workshop & class earnings

  • How to create an e-course with your own unique passion & skills 

  • How to make membership sites work for you & your business


Best part is, I'm giving you these classes and information for free when you register for the Lightworker's Club!