Do you want to reach more people with your purposeful work? 

Do you want to earn more money doing what you love?

 or turn your fitness hobby into a full time job?

Shine Your Light Online

{And Make some Money without the burnout!}

The harsh reality of being a yoga or fitness teacher is that you only have so many hours in a day and so much energy you can give to your students.  The even harsher reality of this is that every year more yoga teachers are being born out of training programs (and this happens mostly because the yoga teachers hosting the trainings need to make money!). 

What if you could make money over and over again for only teaching a class or workshop once?

Welcome to the world of Passive Income! 

As you begin to explore turning your passion into profit, you will discover just how easy it is for you to start to make money {without burning yourself out at the yoga studio}!

I love to see yogis and teachers succeed and make a living doing what they love {minus the burnout, exhaustion, and empty bank accounts}.  I've created the "Turn Your Passion into Passive Income" Masterclass to get you started on your journey to earning more money doing what you love.  


In this 30 minute class you will learn: 

  • Why passive income is critical for your yoga/pilates business

  • How to assess your work and decide how it can be easily packaged into a digital format

  • How to turn your passion into simple E-books you can sell

  • How to double your workshop & class earnings

  • How to create an e-course with your own unique passion & skills 

  • How to make membership sites work for you & your business

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