The Mermaid life is not about having everything (though that might come as a glorgious side effect as you start on your journey). It's about seeking a feeling

A feeling that exceeds joy, a feeling of purpose, a feeling of intention, devotion, love, bliss, joy....

It's a space of infinite possibility. It's a blank space. It's a magical holding tank. 

It's about filling that empty space with beauty, with creativity, with passion, with curiosity, with shining hearts and shining devotion. 

It's about finding dreams. 

Finding bliss. 

Finding self.

Uncovering and discovering. 

How can I have more fun?! 

(not how can I accomplish more, make more money, have more...)

Just simply, How can I have more fun?!


What would make me smile and radiate and shine?

It's about secrets in the sand, mermaid magic, shells & sunshine. 

Finding out what you're made of as you dive deep into your self (and the ocean).

It's about thriving off the warmth of the sun, and reveling in secrets kept in the sand. 

Be curious. 

Dive deep. 

It's not about knowing your passion, it's about following the path you've found---the light. 

It's about now. It's about being here.

It's about being the happiest, right now. In this moment.

The Mermaid Life is: 

Finding your practice.  

Yoga. Meditation. An inspiring Vision. Goals. Journaling. 

Whatever you do or want to do that brings you back to a space of infinite possibility.

That gateway to the heart where everything is waiting for you.

Clear blue skies:

Where do you want to go?  

Who do you want to be?

What do you want to have? 

How do you want to feel? 


Seeking your path. 

With your vision in hand (or fin), now we move on to find our path. 

Getting from the the vision & goals you have for yourself.

How do you want to get to your vision? 

What will your journey be like? 

How will it feel every day as you work towards this?

How can you make your path more fun?

How can you add more magic? 


Shine On

You go on with your mermaid self! 

You've got your practice, your path---now all that's left is to rock and roll, shine and shimmer as you swim on your way towards a gorgeous mermaid life! 

Nourish that gorgeous mermaid body every day. 

Fill that beautiful brain with inspiration. 

Shine that light and love that resides in your heart! 

Do more of the things you love---do them often, do them daily! 

Be aware and mindful as float through your lovely & magical days.

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